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India needs to oppose Hamas terrorists and its fans

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India needs to oppose Hamas terrorists and its fans

It all started with my WhatsApp status mourning the death of an Indian girl in Israel in the rocket attack by HAMAS Terrorists. Writes Midhun Mohandas

Expectedly, few of my acquaintances jumped in support of HAMAS .. They include self-declared liberals, Communists, Congress supporters and popular front supporters. Interestingly, some of them used to talk against fascism eloquently. The same persons are now iron-willed that I shall believe in their pro-terrorist ideas and delete my WhatsApp status message. I call this real fascism and bigotry!


In the following conversation, I stand as an Indian Citizen. All the persons mentioned above can be aptly termed as ‘Jihadi-Apologists’. While some are deliberately supporting terrorists, some gullible minds are just going with the flow, unaware of the ground realities.

The Apologists- “We saw your WhatsApp status mourning the death of an Indian girl in Israel ..That was inappropriate .. How dare you call HAMAS a terrorist organization! You are inhuman.. HAMAS is an organization working for the rights of Palestinian Muslims ..They need to be supported even if their rockets have ‘unfortunately’ killed an Indian lady.. We feel happy to know that HAMAS is now capable enough to successfully send rockets to Israel. You don’t know anything about Palestine, and you are missing the big picture!


The Indian citizen: “So guys, tell me why this so-called Right’s organization calls itself The HAMAS? In Arabic, it’s an acronym for “Harakat Al-Muqawama Al-Islamia” – Islamic Resistance Movement. It talks about resistance .. not rights…”

The Apologists -“See, there is no mention of the term terrorism in the name of the organization… It’s a resistance organization.. Don’t call them terrorists .. They are freedom fighters resisting the terrorist state of Israel.”


The Indian citizen- “Just like ISIS right? In its name, not even the term resistance is there !”

The Apologists -Oh! Why are you comparing it with ISIS?

The Indian citizen- Both are terrorist groups… Both have indiscriminately slaughtered people through terrorist activities.. HAMAS has been conducting suicide attacks on markets, suicide bombings on school buses, knife attacks, kidnapping of children and thousands of rocket attacks in Israel..

Have you ever seen the songs posted by the official Hamas channel Al-Aqsa TV calling for suicide bombings in buses which says


“The intifada is not an intifada if the bus roof doesn’t fly off.”

Once the roof of the bus in which your loved ones travel flies off in a suicide attack, you will know the pain inflicted by your beloved organization… Then you will perhaps understand the pain of the fellow Indians and the relatives of the Indian girl killed by your blue-eyed boy HAMAS.

Just compare it with ISIS… Same terrorist tactics … Only the places are different. ISIS kills people in Iraq and Syria .. HAMAS kills in Israel .. Unfortunately for you, Israel has a strong defence force, and you always end up crying for the dead terrorists!


The Apologists – No… ISIS wanted to establish an Islamic state .. HAMAS wants to resist Israeli oppression…

The Indian citizen- The Hamas Covenant or Hamas Charter, issued on 18 August 1988 outlines the founding identity, stand, and aims of HAMAS.

The charter states that “our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious” and calls for the eventual creation of an Islamic state in Palestine, in place of Israel and the Palestinian Territories, and the obliteration of Israel.


Open your eyes and see… They are against the Jews: They are against a particular religion… Not primarily against the state of Israel. They are against Israel because Israel is a Jewish State. Remember the 26/11 Mumbai attacks .. Pakistani terrorists specifically targeted Jews in Chabad House (Nariman House) area and killed 6 of them… Where ever they are, Islamic terrorist’s enemy is not a nation. The enemy is other religions.. period…That’s how an Indian Jew becomes their enemy… Remember 26/11 Mumbai Attack. That’s how a Pakistani Hindu/ Christian becomes their enemy… Remember Asia Bibi in Pakistan. That’s how a Sri Lankan Christian becomes their enemy .. Remember the Easter Day bombing in Sri Lankan Church in 2019.

And remember, the goal is the same -creation of an Islamic state.

The Apologists -“Leave those things .. We know Israel is creating the problems ..

The Indian citizen- “The charter of HAMAS states in Article 13, “There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.”


Read their charter… They want to create an Islamic state not only in Palatine but in the entire Israel by totally destructing Israel .. They themselves say that their dream is to make the Mediterranean Sea red with the blood of Jews …

The world knows – If HAMAS put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel’


The Apologists – “Anyways , Israel is accused of disproportionality .. You see, every time more Palestinians are killed, and very few numbers of Israelis are killed in such conflicts .. So we should stand with HAMAS …

The Indian citizen- “HAMAS has attacked with thousands of rockets ..but Israel’s Iron dome system could destruct most of those rockets midair. It’s a matter of survival for Israel in the midst of enemy countries and terrorist organization like HAMAS around .. That’s the reason for low Israeli casualties every time .. You guys want Israel to switch off those systems and let Israelis be sitting ducks ..Let more Israelis die so that you can balance the equation and enjoy? Nice! Vultures are better!


You realise one thing, no matter what you dream, Israel is regularly ‘cutting the grass’!

The present Israeli strategy against HAMAS is described as “Cutting the grass”. Israel tolerates a level of violence from Gaza-based terrorist groups like HAMAS , but every few years it bombs or invades Gaza to weaken the terrorists there and destroy their weapons – to cut the grass: ‘just like cutting the grass in your backyard periodically’. You don’t take the drastic measure of destructing it completely, Whenever it grows beyond a certain level you cut it for your own safety.

Whatever you people say in media or social media or even on international platforms, they will continue to cut the grass or may even plump for more drastic measures in future.


And for you guys, here in India, we have a similar strategy to deal with ‘enemies within India’. As we know, if there is no enemy within, an enemy outside can do us no harm.

Just like ‘cutting the grass’, we call it ‘disinfecting our home’… Disinfecting our home from pests that spread diseases like the glorification of terrorism, especially in the impressionable minds of students. This nation has seen enough. The nation has seen you weeping your hearts out for Ajmal Kasabs and Yakoob Memons and closing your eyes to the blood of the innocent victims of terrorism. Once again, you are caught in the act. It’s HAMAS this time.


That’s why while Israel is ‘cutting the grass’, We Indians are ‘disinfecting our home’. In today’s India, the Indian citizens are doing it effectively through democratic elections. You can see the plight of political parties spreading such sinister ideas. They have been thrown out of power at the centre and in most parts of India by the citizens of India. We assure you, small areas of infection which still exist here and there shall be disinfected in due course of time.

In the meantime, on social media, you can try to hoodwink Indians who oppose terrorism or put your heart into babysitting budding radicals. Either way, you are destined to cry for the dead terrorists!

This article is republished from the Organiser

Midhun Mohandas is a student, Pondicherry University

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