Iran intensifies propaganda activity on social media

According to a recent report in the TIME Magazine, Iran has intensified its propaganda activity on social media to sow discord in the US, while Hamas and other pro-Iran militancy outfits are also following the same path. While anti-US, anti-Israel and even anti-Jew propaganda has been on alarming rise both on social media as well as print and electronic media, Israel is not taking any steps in countering this propaganda warfare, which may ultimately contribute in enhancing anti-Semitism in the Muslim world in particular as well as rest of the world.

TIME Magazine, citing two US intelligence officials said: “Iranian state actors are intensifying their disinformation campaign on social media to spread discord and anti-Semitic tropes inside the US”.

The social media accounts were traced to troll farms managed by the Iranian regime to sow disinformation on the nuclear deal, the US announcement of withdrawing from Afghanistan, the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin, and the 11-day war that rocked the Palestinian Gaza Strip last month.  

“It’s a significant level of activity,” one official told Time. “It’s active enough that we’re tracking it.”

The story comes the same day that a UK think-tank published a report saying Iran is behind fake news websites pushing anti-Saudi and anti-Israeli rhetoric.

The Henry Jackson Society report found that Iran used an elaborate network of websites in order to attempt to influence British politics.

Saudi Arabia despite being the leader of the Sunni Muslim world has never been successful in establishing its dominance in the global media as the Kingdom mostly depends on its domestic media outlets, although none of these outlets have succeeded in either emerging as credible news source to the non-Arabs and westerners, while these outlets remain largely unknown to majority of the global populace and policymakers. In contrary, Iranian state-controlled media as well as those pro-regime Iranian media although do not enjoy minimal credibility in the world, Iranian regime has been successful in hiring public relations houses, through which it succeeds in establishing influence over the global media. Tehran saw extra advantage in pushing forward its propaganda mission against US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Sunni world particularly during and after the recent Gaza war. At the same time mega-terror outfit Hamas and Palestinian Arabs are wholeheartedly helping Iran in pushing forward its agendas in exchange for cash and logistic benefits. In many of the nations, Palestinian envoys also are seen engaged in asking Islamist forces for extending support towards Hamas, Iran and even Turkey as Palestinians consider Iran and Turkey as their best allies with the capabilities of standing as counter-force against the US and Israel in particular.

According to recent statistics, Palestinian Arabs are increasing becoming inclined towards Iran and are expressing anger at Saudi Arabia in particular.

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