Islam versus Capitalism

Some years ago, on these columns, I wrote about Capitalism vs Democracy. At that time, it was a fully engaged war along a war-front spreading from politics to economy, from mass immigration to social disintegration, from religion to people’s identity. Today, the financial lords are one step away from reaching a full victory. How come? Could we have any chance to avoid the dystopia they are planning for our future?

Perhaps we have one last harbor, a final stronghold of traditional values that is capable of challenging this foolish global project. Such harbor is Islam. To better understand the moves of the evil actor in disguise, or the financial powers, we need to understand how it was born and what its weak points are.

During the Renaissance period, banks were born in Italy and started to exert power lending money to Kings, Lords and Popes across Europe. Then, under the ruling of King Charles V, bankers started to manage tax harvesting systems and discover how it could be lucrative to fund armies and wars, usually supporting both belligerents. Then there was a turning point: the French Revolution. The financial lords understood that social turmoils are cyclical and unavoidable, so it is better to be in the director room than undergoing them passively, only to have to fix the ensuing damages at a later stage. Better to be the manipulators than the victims. Therefore, during that age of foolish violence, that scared all ancient regimes in Europe, a primary cell formed by financial entities, the press and the elite bourgeoisie was born.

During the centuries there was a constant update of this alliance with new partners and different roles, but basically the framework lasted and the procedure to rule states behind the scene was the same. They have to find a long term project to achieve, then choose the political, social or economic tools to pave the way of their plan: a social discontent, an economic injustice or a religious feud. They have to find a narrative to gain the support of the public opinion. The narrative on national ideology during the 19th century, for instance, with the self-determination issue, the shared language and culture, the spreading of democracy as a tool to open the state market to international traders. Finally, they have to find the right actors to conquer the hearts and minds of people and implement their hegemonic project. It could be the so called “Two-Worlds hero” like Giuseppe Garibaldi, a Freemason linked to the powerful British politician Lord Gladstone, that triggered and lead national revolutions in South America and in Italy as a “freedom virus”. Or Emmanuel Macron in France today. One can understand what a big back-leap there is between Garibaldi and Macron. It means that this system has lost its capacity to manage the soft power: making people happy while pursuing their business. Now they have to use fear to push people to obey (using a pandemic, for example) and they have to promote non-democratic regimes to implement their will. So they are not as strong as in the past.

If they manage to accomplish most of their aims, the further steps are already written: cancel politicians as brokers of local territories; cancel social, political and religious identities of people to change a citizen into a tamed and fragile consumer full of needs; build a global government under the pressure of a huge external danger (big meteors, aliens, whatever). Donald Trump in the US tried to dis-articulate this system but failed so far. Vladimir Putin is trying to resist and has not bent to globalists so far. China isn’t really aware about what is going on and is too focused on domestic issues to take a clear position. It looks like Beijing wants to take advantage of this “civil war” inside the West until it comes the time for a real action.

Islam could be the last stronghold to stop the gear of evil that sooner or later is likely to not only cancel religions and identities, but also to build a society of unaware slaves, one step before the end of the world.

The “Constant Threat” policy seems to be the main tool of this project, but people cannot give up living for the fear of dying, and must react now.

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