Islamist horror from Afghanistan has just started showing up

While radical Islamic militants such as the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS-K and others have just showing their notorious fangs by gradually expanding the evil clutch of Caliphate in Afghanistan, analysts are asking a valid question stating if the Muslim world and the West are really ready to counter the dangerous threats posed by the jihadist conglomerate and Afghanistan being on the path of becoming a hub of global jihadism. While during the past two decades the Middle Eastern countries have advanced immeasurably, it may be difficult for the jihadist forces to find recruits and sources of funding, there still are naïve and angry young men and women in every street in every town in the Gulf states, who may be easy prey for lies about the glorious and heroic opportunities of global jihad – although when the gory reality is savage violence against the innocent, exploitation by terrorists, and the participant’s brutal and untimely death.

Criticizing the US and Western leader’s decision of penning a deal with the Taliban, former Saudi diplomat and intelligence chief Prince Turki Al-Faisal has slammed these unforces errors, noting that after Donald Trump did a deal with the Taliban it was inevitable that Afghan government would implode. The Saudi prince slammed the incompetence with which the withdrawal was carried out, and the dangerous consequences of billions of dollars-worth of US weapons falling into the grips of jihadists forces.

On the other hand, although the Taliban have already grabbed power in Afghanistan, there is no guarantee of their capability of running the country as its cave-dwelling leadership has no idea what to do with a victory that even surprised them more than it surprised rest of the world. The Taliban leadership serious lacks experience and capability of running a government as the Taliban leader, who organization experience to date has only been planning mass-casualty terrorist attacks against civilians and extorting money from the heroine and captagon trade. There also are allegations against the Taliban of running nefarious trade of selling non-Muslim and Shiite young girls and women as sex slaves to transnational rackets. Now with Afghanistan gone into the grips of these jihadist monsters and psychopaths, there are valid reasons for the world to worry about witnessing intensified terrorist attacks while for countries in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan is a ticking time bomb.

One of the most important points which everyone in the world, particularly the counterterrorism experts need to note, sixty percent of Afghans are under the age of 25 and they have no memory of an atrocious Taliban regime or its sympathy with the medieval worldview. This may also lead a significant proportion of the younger Afghan generation in not becoming worried about a Taliban government – at least at the initial months.

Furthermore, for the Arab and Islamic world, victory of the Taliban and Al Qaeda would risk galvanizing a new generation of radical Islamic jihadists. Unless the Arab and Islamic world take immediate measures in monitoring and addressing such dangerous tendencies of the jihadists in Afghanistan, there certainly will be further rise of murderous jihadist madness. For countries like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait, the immediate measure should be to strengthen their intelligence activities while these nations also should put extra-emphasis on boosting cyber war against the Taliban and the jihadists by forcing alliances with print and electronic media especially in the Arab and Muslim world. None of the media outlets in the region should be allowed to serve the purpose of the Taliban and other jihadists forces either by projecting them as “true Muslims” or “saviors of Islam”. Now the valid question here is – are the Muslim world and the West ready to counter such dangerous tendencies this time around? Unless it is done, the Taliban’s re-emergence will reinvigorate the exhausted, shop-soiled model of political theocracy, with all the inevitable regressive consequences for women’s rights, civil freedoms and competent governance.

Here one important point needs to be considered by the Arab and Muslim nations, especially the countries in the Middle East. While jihadism has become a threat to the region and the world, countries like Iran and Qatar in particular have been spending hugely towards promoting jihadist groups and plots, while both the nations are also spending millions of dollars towards print and electronic media with the evil desire of encouraging Muslims in joining jihad – not only against the West but also against countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait. Another significant issue that needs to come under active consideration of the Middle Eastern nations is – while Afghanistan has fallen into the grips of the Taliban, Iranian proxies such as Hezbollah, Houthis and Palestinian Hamas have unanimously declared their war against Jews, Israel and the enemies of Iran. And, troubling fact here is a Sunni Qatar is patronizing, funding and encouraging these Iranian proxies simply because of its poisonous grudge against Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait.

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