Israel faces continued terrorist attacks despite ceasefire

Despite ceasefire at the initiative of US President Joe Biden, mega-terror outfit Hamas is continuing terrorist attacks on Israel, as Hamas leadership has openly declared of continuing “jihad” against the Jewish State until it succeeds in eliminating Israel from the global map. Iran has been vigorously patronizing atrocious attacks on Israel. Counterterrorism experts are saying, Hamas is the Palestinian Islamic State, that copies the ideology of ISIS founder Abu Bakr al Baghdadi’s nefarious blueprint. Writes Daniel Green

A ceasefire with terrorists doesn’t mean that they stop trying to kill you. It’s what the police defunders call ‘de-escalation’ which just means that the terrorists scale down their attacks from rockets on major cities to occasional shootings and stabbings.

Two Israelis were stabbed on Monday near Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem.

Two men in their 20s, one of them a soldier, were stabbed on Shlomo Zalman Shraga Street in front of the Israel Police National Headquarters. They received medical attention on the scene before being evacuated to nearby Hadassah-University Medical Center on Mount Scopus in moderate and serious condition.

Video posted on social media showed one of the victims wearing an IAF uniform. A knife was lodged in his back as he knelt on the ground and received treatment from medics.

A knife in the back is a good summary of this raw deal.

The media will claim that Hamas and the PLO are not responsible, but the Palestinian Authority will be paying cash to his family. And the Biden administration subsidizes the PA, which is to say that it subsidizes Islamic terrorist attacks like these.

The media won’t be talking about it. Not unless Israel fights back and kill terrorists.

Terrorists kill people is not a story and is only to be expected. People kill terrorists is an outrage and a major story.

Meanwhile Biden’s people will continue doing their media end zone dance about how they got Israel to stop killing Hamas terrorists.

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