Joe Biden is dumber than a doorknob

Joe Biden is dumber than a doorknob, where he has been in politics for five decades with no real job. But it was not a problem for him or other members of his family – including his son Hunter Biden and brother Jim Biden in making tons of cash from foreign countries. Corrupt governments like Ukraine, for example, know exactly what they are doing when they buy political influence, aka bribe American politicians. They control the politician. The politician does their bidding instead of his nation’s because the politician can be so easily blackmailed.

With 50 years of experience, Joe Biden is on automatic pilot when it comes to self-preservation. He simply does what he is told and reads his teleprompter without really knowing what he is reading. Still, why some people think, those who have been controlling Biden from behind the screen are not becoming increasingly interested to dumb him.

Recently, when lots of classified and secret documents were found at Penn Biden Center and Joe Biden’s residences in Delaware thus creating a possible massive political scandal in the US, some people saw “a cabal of Democratic Party members” who were behind it as they want a new presidential nominee for 2024. But such theory is rejected by others who say, there are some “foreign actors” behind it.

Some critics are seeing members of Biden family including Joe Biden as “sewer rats”, as they compromise America’s national interest in exchange for cash. The nation’s interests take second fiddle to their interests. In their words – “It is sick. It is despicable. It is treasonous”.

The Biden family took money from Ukrainian oligarchs closely associated with their country’s governments. They orchestrated Defense Department money to fund bio-labs in Ukraine to enrich themselves, as they had financial ties to these entities. We know about Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings and Tony Bobulinski and Hunter’s 2013 trip on Air Force II with his dad where the Biden crime syndicate walked away with US$1.5 billion of Chinese government funding into an “equity fund” that crack-head Hunter Biden was to manage.

Jim Biden secured a US$1.5 billion contract to build 100,000 homes in Iraq. The Penn-Biden Center – funded almost exclusively by the Chinese government and other “dark” money emanating, paid Joe a salary of US$900,000 to basically do nothing. His cronies like Anthony Blinken got a “get paid” for doing nothing quasi-job too. By the way, he’s now the Secretary of State. Author Peter Schweizer has done excellent work thoroughly documenting Biden family corruption with hostile foreign governments, but as recent as these works are, they do not even scratch the service of what Americans now know as each day reveals explosive new stories.

There are plenty of solid cases of massive corruption of Joe Biden and his family members, still no one asks – why did President Biden withdraw one million barrels of oil out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to “sell” to Sinopec, a Chinese firm with ties to Hunter Biden?

More importantly, why are Americans giving US$100 billion dollars to Ukraine? While Biden administration tries to portray Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “bad guy” they are projecting a corrupt Volodymyr Zelensky as “Mother Teresa”. It is well-known to everyone that Ukraine is notoriously corrupt plagued with brazen thievery of those Kiev elites and neo-Nazi cohorts of Zelensky.

It is well-understood by majority of the people in the West that Biden’s involvement in Ukraine war has no actual reason other than Biden crime family’s desire of using this conflict as a grand opportunity of making tons of cash – for them as well as others within the inner circle of Joe Biden. Majority of Americans are in dark about the real goal of involving in the Ukraine war. They do not know, what did all the death and property destruction bring anything good to the Ukrainian people.

Just recently, Joe Biden announced further escalation of the war by providing Ukraine with 31 Abrams tanks. This is a massive new commitment of American servicemen, as these Americans will have to train Ukrainians; arm, supply and maintain these vehicles, which means US servicemen in Ukraine fighting Russians. Meaning, Biden is pushing America towards a direct war against Russia, although according to the Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution – only Congress can declare war. In this case, one may ask – has the US Congress declared war against Russia?

Actually, Joe Biden is not bothering about any approval from the Republican majority Congress, while he is risking a nuclear war by escalating the Ukraine conflict. Biden is doing everything for the sake of financial benefit to his family and those within his inner circle – including Antony Blinken and Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden, a security risk to America

The New York post published a report stating Hunter Biden’s laptop which Hunter wrote to his business partner Devon Archer (currently in jail for fraud) in which he knew an amazing amount of detailed information about Ukraine, the type of information one might well have learned from reading top secret classified reports given to him by his father, Joe Biden to help their influence peddling racket. Hunter Biden clearly implicates his father in their influence peddling and concludes his email in Tony Soprano fashion by instructed Devon to buy a “burner phone”.

With all of these corruption and serious crime records, one may ask – is Joe Biden being blackmailed by Volodymyr Zelensky? Certainly, Zelensky has a dossier on all the Biden activities in Ukraine and is willing to use it. Zelensly might have said – “Joe, either give me the tanks or I will take you down”.

Joe Biden is bought, blackmailed and compromised. He and his family are scoundrels and traitors who are causing serious damage to America and Americans – for the sake of their personal gains. Biden has already turned into a puppet of Zelensky, as the later holds dossier containing series of evidences to destroy Joe Biden and members of his family.

According to a credible source, recently recovered classified documents from Penn Biden Center and Biden’s residences have something to do with Ukraine and Biden family corruption that has jeopardized the security of the United States and of course put America closer to a nuclear war.

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