Joe Biden is the shadow of Barack Obama


Despite being the fact that Joe Biden considers Barack Obama as his guru and has been actually performing as Obama’s shadow since he became the president, Biden’s political careers seems to be approaching a very sad end pretty soon. For the Democratic Party, Joe Biden has already become a heavy cargo as “Biden” brand had already been totally smashed for decades, ever since Joe Biden withdrew from 1988 presidential race, admitting he was a serial liar. In his entire career, Biden has always been a prolific liar who did not have any shame even in using the state machinery following his presidency in suppressing cash, drugs and sex scandals of his son, Hunter Biden or his family’s connections with Ukrainian oligarchs and business companies. Although Biden family is deep-drowned into scandals, the so-called mainstream media in the West along with the tech giants have been playing the role of shameless loyal lapdogs of the Bidens.

Some of the analysts said, the mainstream media has supported Biden in recent years, considering that Trump’s “isolationist nationalism” would be the worst option for the globalists who fund American TV and news channels. The Democrats’ internal choice to launch Biden was due to a number of specific circumstances and seems to be something the party itself regrets, considering the high level of polarization of Democratic factions and the rejection of the President by most party members.

According to political analysts, Joe Biden’s legacy fell apart months into his first year in the White House. Politically, he is already a toxic laughingstock whose angry thoughts frighten no serious listener. Meanwhile, scandals centering Hunter Biden is already getting louder including financial crimes committed by the junior Biden in Ukraine. Pro-Biden media even did not try to confront the information by branding those as “Russian disinformation operation”, as they too know, further digging into this matter would only give birth to a much bigger scandal than the Watergate. Meanwhile, situation is getting significantly worse for the Bidens, as now Hunter Biden also is accused of funding biolabs in Ukraine while the US government is silent on this matter. As crimes committed by the Bidens are coming to light, it is well anticipated that those media lapdogs would soon jump out of Biden’s laps and reverse to neutral policy for the sake of their own survival. In that case, Joe Biden may not have the privilege of enjoying unconditional support from the US media, especially because, American media would soon realize, they do not want to be compromised by the crimes of those [Biden, Harris, Democrats] it has been blindly supporting.

Joe Biden is most possibly by now is aware of his difficult days following this November’s midterm elections. Once Republicans gain majority in the House and Senate, they will place Joe Biden on frying-pan. For this reason, Biden will be trying to involve America into as much as difficult challenges. Ukraine crisis has already become a grand opportunity for him. He has been manipulating it with greatest zeal. He will also spoil America’s relations with few more countries.

According to some analysts, Joe Biden seems to be dedicated to bankrupt foreign policies of Barack Obama. Like Obama, he is bent on reviving the Iran nuclear deal and sign a deal with Iranian mullah regime at all costs ignoring human rights abuses being committed by Iranian Ayatollahs, and its praetorian guards – the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), and its proxies such as Hezbollah, Hamas and Houthis. In the name of nuclear deal, Joe Biden will unfreeze Iran’s billions of sanctioned dollars and help the regime in developing long-range ballasting missiles with nuclear payloads that can easily target American soil, not to mention all points in Israel and the Arab Gulf states. Biden will also help Iran in emerging into a nuclear nation.

It may be mentioned here that, Biden’s former boss Barack Obama during his 8-year tenure did more than lifting sanctions imposed on Iran. He provided Ayatollahs with US$150 billion in cash. This fund helped mullah regime in Tehran to grant generous military and financial aid to Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon, the jihadist Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), Hamas in Gaza, as well as the Houthis in Yemen. The windfall from the Iran nuclear deal also afforded Iran’s notorious IRGC to provide military training, equipment, and funds to an assortment of Shiite militias from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. In plain word, Obama administration helped Iran in strengthening its military power and terrorism capabilities at the expense of the security interests of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf countries, such as the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

A desperate Joe Biden, asked Saudi Arabia and Israel to support the sanctions against Russia and Russians over its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. But Riyadh or Jerusalem may not pay heed to such calls, as those nations are aware of Joe Biden’s difficult time following November midterm elections in the US. Biden will face impeachment and possibly will get impeached. Kamala Harris also will be shown the door. And, scandalous Hunter Biden will go to jail. This is almost a sealed fate of the Bidens.

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Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury
An internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning anti-militancy journalist, writer, research-scholar, counterterrorism specialist and editor of Blitz. He regularly writes for local and international newspapers on diversified topics, including politics and counterterrorism. Follow him on 'X' @Salah_Shoaib

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