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Left-leaning media cartel hides Biden’s calamities

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Left-leaning media cartel hides Biden’s calamities

Left-leaning media cartel is competing in hiding catastrophic failures of Joe Biden. We certainly are going through a very difficult time, when exposing truth is considered as “crime”, which would result in series of adversities for a newspaper – including BLiTZ. Just because we do not join the propaganda warfare run by the left-leaning, pro-Islamist, pro-jihadist, and anti-Semite media, we are enduring acute financial crisis, despite the fact of being a very influential newspaper with large readership. Advertisers hate us just because we condemn the wrong-hood and nasty political games of some senseless individuals like Biden. When Biden puts blame on Russian President Vladimir Putin for ongoing sufferings of the American people, we are criticized for asking a plain question – is Putting running America? Please take a pause before branding us as “agents of Russia” or “propaganda machine of Putin”.

Here are some facts that everyone needs to at least read.

According to media reports, with midterm elections scheduled to be held in five months and prospects for the Democrat look very bleak, Joe Biden’s approval ratings are often under 40 percent, before Donald Trump’s numbers at this point, when the TV soothsayers were always predicting “the walls were closing in” on Trump. They said, his presidency would “surely self-destruct” in 5 seconds.

It’s rough enough for Biden that NBC News ran an online article by four reporters who gained anonymous access to “more than two dozen current and former administration officials, lawmakers, congressional aides and other Democrats close to the White House”.

The headline was ‘Inside a Biden White House adrift’. “Amid a rolling series of calamities and sinking approval ratings, the president’s feeling lately is that he just can’t catch a break — and that angst is rippling through his party”, the subhead read.


Those left-leaning media cartel and their journalists never want to hold Joe Biden responsible in any way for any calamities. No, just like the press under Jimmy Carter, NBC says “crises have piled up in ways” that “made the Biden White House look flat-footed: record inflation, high has prices, a rise in COVID case numbers”.

In the eyes of left-leaning media cartel, Biden’s incompetence is covered-up as “bad luck”. On the other hand, when Republicans are in the White House, nearly every problem in America is blamed on Republican rule. Under Democrats, it’s just a “perfect storm” of mysterious failures.


NBC found author Chris Whipple to speak on the record about the “epic challenges”, lamenting the poor Bidenites “came in with the most daunting set of challenges arguably since Franklin D. Roosevelt, only to then be hit by a perfect storm of crises, from Ukraine to inflation to the supply chain to baby formula. What’s next? Locusts?”

The funniest line in this narrative was that Biden “has vented to aides about not getting credit from Americans or the news media for actions he believes have helped the country, particularly on the economy”. Biden’s blaming the news media! Somehow, they aren’t dedicated and dutiful servants for the Democrats.


Left-leaning media cartel do not smother the authenticity when Joe Biden says something that sets the globe on edge. As if, whatever Biden says is gospel truth or he should not be confronted. Here is the example. When Joe Biden said in Poland that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power”, he did not want anyone “walking that back”. Or when he said, America would go to war to China to defend Taiwan, despite the fact that he was authentically reckless, there was hurried attempts by the left-leaning media cartel and Biden’s White House in somehow burying such dangerous statement.

Democrats were always thinking Donald Trump was the loose-lipped generalissimo who would tweet us into global war, they do not even ask Biden about his loose talks about Putin or China.

And now, as we already know, Joe Biden actually is a puppet in the White House who is run by some unseen forces, even dictating his through cue cards, the false and baked assumptions of Biden’s smooth competence have already gone bankrupt under the weight of reality. While left-leaning media aggressively sold the idea stating Joe Biden was the “most competent” leader, he already is proved to be a disaster. Still Biden pressures the media to engage in ridiculous happy talk about his accomplishments. One may ask, what “accomplishments” Biden really has, save the ongoing sufferings of the American people?

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Sohail Choudhury is the Executive Editor of Blitz

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