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Lies centering ‘victims of disappearance’ in Bangladesh falls flat

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Lies centering ‘victims of disappearance’ in Bangladesh falls flat


Finally, the pandora box centering nefarious propaganda stating hundreds of people in Bangladesh fell victims of forced disappearances have been exposed, with Malaysian law enforcement agencies claiming a large number of Bangladeshi nationals, who are either wanted by the law enforcement agencies or shown as victims of disappearances are staying in Malaysia. It said, these individuals, majority of whom are staying in Malaysia illegally are facing various types of criminal charges in Bangladesh. Malaysian authorities have already stated that they have obtained information about another individual named Chowdhury Alam, who also is shown as victim of disappearance by several rights groups in Bangladesh, including ‘Mayer Dak’. There are allegations of these rights groups being influenced and even funded by Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Jamaat-e-Islami as well as other vicious nexus of jihadist forces, which have been continuously conspiring against Awami League government.

According to credible sources, Chowdhury Alam is a terror godfather, who has been running extortion, contract killing and narco network in Bangladesh. Sitting in Malaysia for years, he has been operating such illegal and criminal activities.

The source further said, BNP leader Mahmudur Rahman, who has been shuttling between Turkey, Malaysia and the United Kingdom is aware of dozens of Bangladeshi nationals, who are staying in Malaysia and several East European and Caribbean nations, while they are being shown as missing or victims of forced disappearance.

Meanwhile, using such lies and propaganda centering forced disappearances, BNP-Jamaat nexus has been making frantic bids in misleading the international community, including several rights groups, clearly with the nasty agenda of putting Bangladesh and the ruling Awami League government in trouble.


On August 30, 2021, Amnesty International, at the personal initiatives of a number of influential members of this organization, including a relative of BNP’s fugitive leader Tarique Rahman sent a dossier to the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission in the United States Congress and called upon the US Congress “to press Bangladeshi authorities”.

The dossier, which was signed by Carolyn Nash, Asia Advocacy Director, Amnesty International USA said:

“Enforced disappearances have a chilling effect on political freedom, civil society, independent media, and human rights advocacy. Victims of enforced disappearances are at heightened risk of other human rights violations, such as sexual violence, torture, and killings. We welcome the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission’s attention to this issue in honor of the Day of the Disappeared. Enforced disappearances present critical risks to human rights defenders, activists, journalists, their families, and their societies. By silencing these voices, repressive governments gravely violate human rights and cripple the protections that must be afforded all people around the world.



“The International Convention on the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance, which seeks to prevent disappearances and provide survivors and victims’ families with justice and compensation, came into force in 2010. It is shameful that the United States is not a party to the Convention”.

It may be mentioned here that, most of the so-called rights groups in Bangladesh are headed by individuals having direct or indirect affiliations with opposition political forces and or anti-Awami League bloc. Unfortunately, international rights groups and governments are unfortunately paying attention to those so-called investigative reports and dossiers provided by politically biased rights groups, without cross-checking the background of the individuals affiliated with those groups.

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Saiod Iqbal Hossain is a former reporter of entertainment magazine Anondo Alo.

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