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Lighting a candle to those who perished in the Holocaust

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Lighting a candle to those who perished in the Holocaust

I along with many others shall be lighting a candle tonight to those who perished in the Holocaust and I shall continue to expose those who have similar objectives to those of Hitler’s Nazis.

On Holocaust Memorial Day, is it not morally indecent that there are nation states, politicians, diplomats, artists and ordinary folk who support the Palestinian ‘cause’? Why do I ask this and why do I link the Palestinians to such a shocking historical event? The answer is very simple!

It is because the Palestinians are governed by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and by Palestinian Hamas in Gaza. Both of these political groups, and that is all they are, maintain manifestos called Charters which despite the date of their origination are still current and replicate Nazi ideology. The Charters are promoted and taught to Palestinian children and repeated by Imams in Mosques in those geographical areas where Palestinians are living. Three generations of Palestinians have been inundated with Nazi ideology, hatred towards Jews and the desire to make all other races and religions subservient to Palestinian ideological dominance. The propaganda parallels the Nazi propaganda specifically directed towards European Jewry in the 1930’s. History does indeed repeat itself.

The comprehensive Palestinian National Council Charter of 1968 and the equally comprehensive Palestinian Hamas Charter of 1988 not only demand extermination of Jews but also subservience to Islam of all other races and religions. Remarkably when the Israel Palestinian issue is debated or written about, mainstream media never exposes the Palestinian objectives identified within their Charters and promoted daily and forcefully by Palestinian political and religious leaders.

The Palestinian Hamas Charter in Article 17 sickeningly goes to extremes in cementing Palestinian Nazism by demanding the extermination of those individuals working for or raising funds for Charities. Many of these charitable organizations assist, for example the physically and mentally disabled, terminally ill children and cancer sufferers.  How is it possible then that the Palestinians attract so much global support? They demonize and want to exterminate the Jewish people as did the Nazis and yet the world today is paying respect to those who died under similar ideological tyrants. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Just take that in for a moment and think about it.

It is Holocaust Memorial Day and the Palestinians who demand and teach their children Charters calling for extermination of Jews and subservience or death of others to their ideology receive global support. There have been other genocides which should not be forgotten, Rwanda, Armenia, the genocide inflicted on the indigenous native tribes in North America and Canada. Forgive me for not scribing other genocides through history.

However, in scale and planning the twentieth century Nazi instigated holocaust was something different, not in terms of the horrendous outcome but in terms, I repeat, of the industrialized planning and the inertia of others who were aware.

Isn’t it the absolute height of moral perversity and human indecency that less than eighty years after the planned industrialized slaughter of one people, the Jewish people, there are other political organizations who demand similar and incredibly have gained global support for their objectives?

Why is the world so silent on the aims and objectives of the Palestinians as clearly identified within their Charters and taught to their children? How can the United Nations approve the funding of such hate filled manifestos whilst simultaneously passing a Resolution condemning Holocaust Denial? The paradox is astonishing.

The world has learned nothing and Nazi ideology is alive and kicking and supported.

Those supporting the Palestinians are truly morally indecent or truly intellectually imbecilic. Their hatred must be paralleled by their ignorance.

I along with many others shall be lighting a candle tonight to those who perished in the Holocaust and I shall continue to expose those who have similar objectives to those of Hitler’s Nazis.

Peter Baum, Editor (International Political Affairs) to Blitz is a research-scholar, who writes extensively on Israel, Holocaust, Zionism, Middle East, Anti-Semitism, and other issues.Peter Baum has worked for four decades in the International Financial Markets specializing in the Capital Market. He held directorships at large International Financial Institutions and ended career as consultant to an Investment Management company. Baum is a member of the Institute of Directors. He has worked extensively abroad in the Asia, Africa, the USA and Europe and after retirement spends his time as a political researcher, activists and columnist.In addition to his engagement with Blitz, Peter Baum has also been writing for the Gatestone Institute, Conservative Woman and Decisive Liberty and has appeared numerous times on TV and radio mainly talking about Israel and the Middle East.

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