Muslim world needs to realize the Hamas-Fatah paradox

Gradually the number of Muslim nations maintaining distance with Israel because of their support or solidarity with the Palestinians are declining. Many of the Muslim nations, including Saudi Arabia already are fed-up with the Palestinians, as Hamas and Fatah have been battling amongst themselves thus making the whole issue too much complex and keeping no door of any peaceful resolution. In plain words, Hamas does not want any peace settlement. Instead it wants total elimination of the State of Israel. On the other hand, Fatah is too weak to push forward a peace process as it already has turned hostage of Hamas’s terrorist agenda. Meanwhile, Hamas has already openly declared its affiliations with Hezbollah, Houthis and Iranian regime and has vowed to help Tehran in expanding its influence in the Middle East and beyond. Mega-terror outfit Hamas finds its best ally in Iran as both uphold common agenda of eliminating Israel and driving away Jews from the Arab world. Moreover, Hamas also has common agenda with Iran of destabilizing United States.

Meanwhile, high-level talks involving Israel, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and Egypt are in full swing. Sponsored by Egypt, the talks aim to secure an effective truce between Hamas and Israel, putting a formal end to the Gaza conflict.

It is seven years since the last serious attempt to reach an accord on the perennial Israel-Palestinian issue: the peace talks sponsored by US president Barack Obama, which fizzled out in April 2014. Oddly enough, they failed because PA President Mahmoud Abbas thought he had secured a deal with Hamas – a “historic reconciliation,” he called it – together with an agreement to form a unified Palestinian government. As former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the time, Abbas could “have peace with Israel or a pact with Hamas. He can’t have both”.

Of course, no joint Fatah-Hamas government ever emerged. Numerous attempts over the years to affect a reconciliation have failed, just like the current effort to hold legislative and presidential elections. The divide at the heart of the Palestinian body politic seems irreconcilable.

With Hamas’s open affiliations with Iran, most important and alarming fact is, those Palestinian missions abroad would ultimately serve as the sleeper cells of Hamas thus posing gravest threat to the Arab and non-Arab nations in the world.

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