Muslims want to ‘conquer’ India within 20 years


With the alarming rise in Muslim population, now some Muslims are showing extreme audacity by openly declaring of conquering India within 20 years. It may be mentioned here that in a huge country like India with a current Muslim population of over 213.34 million – much more that of a Muslim majority Bangladesh and slightly less than that of an Islamist Pakistan, rise and spread of jihadist forces in India is a matter of serious concern as Indian Muslims can be easily drawn towards jihadist notoriety while a large segment of them can form affiliations with Al Qaeda, Islamic State (ISIS) and other jihadist outfits.

According to media reports, radical Muslim have turned mad at Himanta Biswa Sarma, Chief Minister of the Indian state of Assam for crackdown on illegal madrassas (Koranic schools) as well as child marriage rackets run by some Muslim leaders. In this case, Islamists and leftists (including Marxists and Naxalites) have formed a nexus with the notorious agenda of establishing Islamic rule in India within twenty years. A prominent Islamist leader named Badruddin Ajmal in a public meeting said, “India will be governed by boys and girls belonging to the Muslim community”.

Ajmal is the chief of the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF); since 2009, he also holds a seat in Lok Sabha, the parliament of India, from Dhubri.

Counterturns experts, quoting media sources said that the Islamist organization led by AIUDF and the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) plan to set up numerous jihadist training centers and career institutions for Muslim students in India which would produce large numbers of Muslim officers in Indian Administrative Services (IAS) the Indian Police Services (IPS), and allied services in state cadres. These radical Islamic organizations would also support the education and training of engineers, doctors, advocates, and business entrepreneurs from their community that would help establish an Islamic regime in India in an institutionalized way.

Counterterrorism and jihad monitoring individuals said, Islamists in India have a dangerous agenda. Although Hindus dominate the primarily white-collar professions, they will be dependent on the Muslim population for the basic needs of life, and the presence of Sharia-compliant Muslims in the administrative ranks will further the revision of laws so that they favor Muslims.

According to sources, Afro-Arab nations are sending millions of dollars every year from their Zakat fund, which are being used by the Islamist institutions in India that support free training for Muslim students who are preparing for administrative services. Young Muslims are increasingly opting for this route in order to get a share of administrative power in India as part of their notorious agenda of Islamizing the country. Some Muslim-owned business entities use cash from their annual Zakat funds to provide scholarships to Muslim students. Muslim politicians and businessmen have chalked-out a roadmap to an Islamized India, and many of them are collectively following this notorious blueprint. It may also be mentioned here that, a large segment of Muslim politicians and businessmen in India maintain discrete connections with radical Islamic militancy outfits while some of them even work as covert and overt agents of Pakistani spy agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) in implementing Pakistan’s terrorist plots against India. Some of these Muslims are also participating in circulation of counterfeit Indian currency, which is being printed by Pakistani ISI at their own security printing presses.

In my opinion, under such circumstances, when a radical Muslim leader such as Badruddin Ajmal asserts that he sees Islamic control of India in twenty years, the state machinery should not just laugh it off and dismiss it as wishful thinking.

It may be mentioned here that Islamic outfits in India are planning to capture and influence the social structures through love jihad by luring naïve Hindu girls and women into romantic trap with Muslim men thus forcing them to convert to Islam, while these Hindu girls and women are murdered or forced to committing suicide once they refuse to change their religion.

Muslims in India are also continuing population jihad by giving birth to a large number of children per couple while people of other religions generally limit themselves to two. Grabbing properties under the authority of Waqf Board is another notorious bid of the Muslims of expanding the size of lands.

Meanwhile, hijab madness and halal industry has already penetrated within Indian Muslim societies while Muslims are using both hijab and halal issues as key tools in pushing forward their agenda of Islamizing India. Now-a-days, almost every food store and restaurant in India serves halal dishes, which also is reciprocated by major Indian airline companies. Most of the retailers selling raw meat boast of selling halal meat. Indian Muslims have succeeded in flooding markets with halal-certified spices and grocery items, in addition to meat products. Unfortunately, some Hindu influencers are also promoting these halal-certified make-up brands while most Hindus remain unfazed by all this and are shelling out money for their own destruction.

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