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Narendra Modi in ‘Casino Kashmir’

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Narendra Modi in ‘Casino Kashmir’


Indian prime minister Narendra Modi clearly has started playing blind on Kashmir issue, which, according to top analysts such as former chief of Research & Analytical Wing (RAW) AS Dawlat would ultimately incite massive terrorism and the further rise of jihadist forces in the region. Mr. Modi’s recent actions of snatching autonomy from Jammu and Kashmir may even turn into another episode of Soviet aggression in Afghanistan, which led to the emergence of Al Qaeda and other radical Islamic militancy outfits. Taking advantage of this situation, Islamic State (ISIS) in particular may now find a favorable situation in getting hundreds and thousands of Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir towards jihad against “Indian aggression”, which may ultimately spread throughout India in particular and the region in general.

Radical Hindutva is the core ideology of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and their political partners such as Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh (RSS) and those radical Hinduist parties and fronts in India.

Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan already has vowed to challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s gambling with Kashmir issue with the United Nations Security Council, though there is little scope for Mr. Khan in succeeding in his bids as the move would be vetoed by India’s key ally Russia in particular. Once Pakistan’s diplomatic effort falls flat, Islamabad will be left with military options – which means, there can be another Indo-Pak war or even worst such as Islamabad’s known habit of playing militancy card. This time for sure, Pakistani intelligence agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) would almost openly extend cooperation to Islamic State and other jihadist outfits, targeting India’s Hindu populace as well as it’s economy and tourism industry.

Pakistan, being a rogue state has always been sponsoring terrorism and jihad with the notorious ambition of establishing it’s supremacy in the region. In South Asia, Islamabad does not have a true ally especially because of its notorious ideology of promoting radical Islam and terrorism. Though countries in the South Asian region, for example, popular masses in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka do not support religious extremism or religious bigotry or terrorism. In this case, only two countries – India and Pakistan are harboring religious extremism – radical Hindutva and radical Islam respectively. While Pakistan denies rights to non-Muslims and continues extreme repression on Christians, Bahá’ís, Ahmadiyas and Hindus; India, on the other hand, does the same with Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and other non-Hindu communities and ethnic minorities such as ‘dalits’.


Under the direct patronization of BJP-RSS bigwigs, radical Hindutva has been spreading like a bonfire in India ever-since Mr. Modi’s party won a landslide in 2014.


Bharatiya Janata Party in particular and radical Hindus in general consider Adolph Hitler as an icon and many of BJP-RSS leaders, including Mr. Modi had publicly said – “India needs a Hitler”. The same nexus consider Subhash Chandra Bose as their model while Bose had been a strong supporter of Hitler and his nefarious Nazi forces. During India’s war of independence, Bose had joined hands with Hitler and Nazis and hundreds of Indians had joined the Nazi forces with the ambition of getting Hitler’s support towards India’s war of independence against Britain.

Now the ‘Hitler’ of this time – Narendra Modi and his political and ideological partners have openly stepped into Hitler’s shoes with the dangerous agenda of eliminating India’s Muslim populace. Prime Minister Modi’s latest steps on Jammu and Kashmir is just the beginning of the open rise of Hindu Nazis which would ultimately cause into another Holocaust in the region. Mr. Modi’s entering the ‘Casino Kashmir’ with the wild ambition of muting the Muslim populace would now turn India into the next battleground of Islamic State and other jihadist forces. Clearly this is an alarming sign for India’s peace-loving neighbors like Bangladesh, especially because, millions of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar in Bangladesh and notorious terror outfits like Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) may now extend hands of affiliation with various jihadist outfits, which ultimately will expand the territory of jihadist notoriety up to Myanmar. That means, Prime Minister Modi’s gamble with Jammu and Kashmir may now help jihadist forces spread wings up to China via Myanmar with the help of Rohingyas.

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