Palestinian historical nationality is a myth


Peter Baum

In previous posts we have proved beyond reasonable doubt that Palestinians never existed as a nation, culture, religion, race, people, tribe or sect.  They are a historical myth up until the 20th Century.

There never existed a Palestinian currency, language, King, Queen, Prince nor Princess. Neither is there any record since 300 BC of any Palestinian, war, battle or skirmish opposing or assisting the various invaders to the geographical area the new age  Palestinians lay claim to history is also absent of any  indigenous Palestinian individual who fought for or indeed lead the Palestinians in such times of conflict. And believe me from the Romans, Greeks, Ummayads, Byzantines, Kurds, Crusaders and  Ottomans among others there were numerous opportunities for ‘Palestinians’ to have become involved during these five thousand years of turbulence.

The Palestinians are a modern invention and an anthropological miracle created during the period of the cold war and an incredible success story. A new race has miraculously evolved within five decades and the World Order believes in this confidence trick.

In truth Palestinians are nothing other than Arabs who have morphed into political parties adhering to a National Socialist manifesto – literally calling for either the liquidation of the State of Israel and or the extermination of Jews. The Hamas Charter [still not rescinded] replicates the Nazi manifesto of Hitler citing The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Moreover, apart from exterminating Jews, Freemasons, Rotarians and Lions , irrespective of race or religion are all equally destined for the death camps. Christians and other ’infidels’ fair little better although generously Hamas will allow forced conversion and thereafter subservience to Islam to avoid such fate.  It wouldn’t be cricket if I did not accept the Palestinian Authority are far more concessionary for their Charter only demands the liquidation of Israel.

And the Republic of Ireland and Sweden are the latest European countries to support a Palestinian State at the United Nations. It is beyond belief that human indecency has stooped to such base levels. Seventy years after the Holocaust, we witness European Nation States who would themselves be under Nazi rule if it were not for those who fought for Europe’s freedom , are themselves openly supporting Arabs with Nazi manifestos. Quite extraordinary!

I am perplexed at the love the Swedes have  for Arab National Socialists unlike the Republic of Ireland who had many collaborators with Nazi Germany and were the only country in the world to send condolences on the death of Hitler.

They were also the only country in the world to punish their few, fellow countrymen who, having fought AGAINST the Nazis for the allies and survived the war, were actually punished by the Irish Government.

These heroes were not allowed to have Government pensions nor permitted to work for any Government office, suppliers or contractors. And if they wore their medals earned for gallantry in public, they were physically beaten.

Only one Irish Parliamentarian, James Dillon of Finn Gael   called for the Irish to fight against the Nazis to boos from the majority and silence from others.  Most of the others were pro Nazi, indeed Oliver Flanagan to rapturous applause called for Irish support of Hitler. He later became Minister of Defence in the Irish Government in the 1970’s .The Irish Republic also refused entry to 500 French Jewish children from Drancy – they perished in the concentration camps.

The Irish Republic  also allowed Nazis not only to escape punishment after WW2  but assisted several to live normal lives unchallenged within Ireland, including  the original Butcher of the Balkans, Andrija Artukovic and Hitler’s favourite Otto Skorzeny who became a prize winning farmer in County Kildare. To this very day there remain memorials to a number of Nazi collaborators openly exhibited where Irish Republican politicians, including the current leader of Sinn Fein, Mary Lou McDonald, pay homage to.  Thus I understand the support the Irish have for Arabs who wish to exterminate Jews given the Irish connection to European Nazism. It is purely good old fashioned Jew hatred.

Sweden’s support for Arab National Socialism is however perplexing. There is another more sinister and unpalatable connection linking rabid antisemitism and my research to date undoubtedly leads to a nauseating conclusion. Subject to further analysis which when completed will form another essay. I am totally convinced that sadistic sexual child abuse is a common thread within the societies identified above – Palestinian, Nazi Germany and the predominantly Catholic Southern Irish Republic. I need not explain the the definite Islamic themes allowing multiple child rape are condoned and encouraged within the Koran. The Palestinians are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood via Hamas and pedophilia is permitted. Palestinian  is supportive as proven by their summary executions of opponents and their hero worship of a sado masochistic child abuser Sami Kuntar.

The Nazi’s nauseating fascination with child abuse has been well documented during their decade in power and Irish Catholic pedophilia from my research to date includes both elements of incest and sadomasochism throughout conservative, rural, Catholic, Republican   Ireland. There is an abundance of evidence supporting the claims of victims that both Irish politicians and Church leaders were the perpetrators and were complicit in covering their crimes.

My research on the Irish behaviour started with the way Irish troops in the US cavalry behaved towards the indigenous Americans during the 19th century. The Irish often comprised up to 70 percent of the troops and there is sufficient evidence that exposes the brutality of the troops unchecked by their leaders – unsurprisingly Irish themselves .Generals Sheridan, Keogh and Connor. General Custer [of German descent] ordered his Irish cavalry to play the Irish ditty the Garryowen while his troops carried out their barbarity. The Irish Parliament debated pedophilia when Enda Kenny was Taoiseach much to the Republican embarrassment. The historical Irish abusive treatment of children in orphanages, schools, religious organisations and the Catholic Church is truly sickening and victims were suppressed from testifying for years. Sadomasochistic child abuse in rural Irish domestic society was almost a norm, historically rife. As noted further research is necessary, but very emotionally challenging.

Apologies I digress to vent my spleen – with reason I hope you’ll agree.

So where did the first instances of Arab Nationalism metamorphosise into Palestinianism? As you will determine from one of the links below, the idea of connecting Arab Nationalism to anything related to Palestine was viewed with horror by the vast majority of Arab Muslims. The quotations from Arab statesmen, historians, leaders and journals at the time verify this. The very first reference I can find to Palestinians without qualifying them as Arabs is to be found in a document of the Permanent Executive Committee composed of Muslims and Christians presented to the British authorities on July 26th 1928. If this was a political attempt to distinguish a Palestinian Muslim Arab caucus, it failed through inertia and Christian influence. Moreover, anything named with Palestine such as the Palestinian Wine Company, the Palestine Football Team, Palestine Orchestra, Palestine Post, the Anglo Palestine Bank  etc. were all Jewish and had no Arab Muslim linkage.

Paradoxically there is no sound for the letter ”P” in Arabic and this seems to be the main reason why the policy of differentiating Arabs from Palestinians was unpopular. Felastinian, the Arab pronunciation of Palestinian refers to ”Philistines” who came from Greece and were wiped out in 1200 BC.

Skip five years and the next attempt to identify Palestinians as a separate national identity  was influenced by the British in an effort to win over Arab opinion coinciding with the rise of Hitler in 1933. The office of Mufti of Jerusalem became the Office of the Grand Mufti of Palestine and the Arab Higher Committee became the Arab Community of Palestine. Unfortunately bestowing these grand British titles on the Arab elite did not stop their support for and collaboration with the Nazis pre and during WW2.

Despite the incredible economic benefits of Zionist immigration, Arab leaders incited revolt against the British and Jews and this resulted in the 1937 Peel Commission which recommended partition and was rejected in totality by the Arabs but not by the Jews who were willing to negotiate. The first Arab, not Palestinian rejection of a peace plan/partition plan.

With the outbreak of WW2 Mohammed Amin al-Husayni, the Grand Mufti left Palestine for Nazi Germany to help and collaborate with the Nazis where he raised Muslim troops in Croatia to fight against the Partisans. With him gone Italy bombed Tel Aviv and Haifa and here I must digress at this point to question the Nahkba numbers. Please bear with me.

The 1922 census of Palestine covering an area four times the current size of Israel gives the population of 757,000 of which 75% were Muslim. Haifa was the second largest city inhabited by Muslims, but guess what – the Muslim population was only 60,000 in Haifa. Any reasonable calculation would conclude that 700,000 Palestinians therefore did not lose their homes and became refugees during the 1948 War of Independence – the maths simply do not reflect the population figures. The chic narrative is that 700,000 Palestinians were forced to leave in 1948, have suffered a genocide starting 1948 and now there are 7 million Palestinian refugees. No other population in history has been as abundantly productive as the Palestinians. Their rate of human reproduction is mathematically unique. As a comparison  the population of New York which has thankfully been genocide free in a similar period would be 120 million if they followed Palestinian breeding patterns. London’s population would be 90 million.

The true figure of Palestinian ‘refugees’ is more likely to be in the range of 200,000 – 300,000. This will be subject to a future post.

Now we are at the end of the 1948 Israel War of Independence when Arabs left their homes despite the now irrefutable evidence that the vast majority left as a direct consequence of threats and fear instilled into them by their own leaders. The paradox to this is that Jewish leaders with the help of the British pleaded with them to stay as evidenced by the documentation between the British Administration and the Arab Higher Committee .The UN General Assembly proposed in November 1947 and passed Resolution 181 recommending another peace/partition plan.  Once again the Arabs, not the Palestinians rejected while the Jews accepted. Subsequent research indicates that the Resolution was actually illegal as it would have breached previous former legally binding Treaties but neither side voted with this in consideration.

Now in 1948 when Jordan had annexed the West Bank,  the Jericho Conference named King Abdullah of Trans- Jordan, ”King of Arab Palestine.”  Was this the defining year of Palestinian national identity approved by the Hashemites? Actually no, as the King outlawed the terms Palestinian and Tran- Jordan from official usage changing the country’s name from the Emirate of Trans-Jordan to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Palestinian nationality was still unborn let alone an historical people.

Now we come to 1964 and the Soviet Union’s funding of terrorists – Red Army, Red Brigade and the PLO among others and Arafat needs a Charter and so the world is presented with the PLO Charter of 1964 which despite its importance to the Palestinian Nation excludes any mention of Jerusalem nor claim to it. My boring, disciplined research  leads me to the conclusion that  the mythical Palestinian ‘ Nationality ‘ was originated at the time of the Palestinian Charter and although they are globally considered a nationality they are in fact  nothing more than a political party engaged in terrorism. Please prove me wrong or educate me to the contrary.

By coincidence in 1967 after the Yom Kippur War when Israel reclaimed the West Bank – land she is legally entitled to under various internationally binding Legal Treaties [subject of previous post], two significant events happen. The Arabs, but still not the Palestinians, again reject UN Security Council Resolutions, in this case 242 or the ‘Land for Peace Resolution’ and mark 2 of the Palestinian Charter is created. The Charter still includes the liquidation of Israel but this time, because they forgot in 1964, they claim Jerusalem in its entirety.

The most incredible Arab rejection for peace was the 2000 Camp David accords whereby Israeli PM Barak gave virtually everything, 97 percent of Arafat’s demands to the Palestinians. Israelis were shocked but willing to go this far. Arafat to his eternal shame walked away without a counter proposal.

In 2008 the PA President Abbas rejected the peace offers made by Israeli PM Olmert.

As Joseph Farah the eminent Arab historian , intellectual and writer has written …

” There has never been a land known as Palestine governed by Palestinians. Palestinians is Arabs, indistinguishable from Jordanians, another recent invention, Syrians, Iraqis, etc. Keep in mind that the Arabs control 99.9 per cent of the Middle East lands. Israel represents one tenth of one percent of the landmass. But that’s too much for the Arabs. They want it all. And that is ultimately what the fighting in Israel is about today. No matter how many land concessions the Israelis make, it will never be enough”.

With contributions from Emet Shine and links to an article by Alwyn Lau.

Peter Baum is a contributor of Blitz.

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