Palestinians breed more terrorists than doctors or teachers

Just because The PA’s policy makes it 5 times more profitable to become a convicted terrorist than a teacher, Palestinians are increasingly looking for becoming a terrorist. Writes Daniel Greenfield

A common trope in this country is that teachers should be paid like basketball players. In the Palestinian Authority, teachers should be paid like terrorists.

A new policy paper by IDSF – Habithonistim, an organization of retired Israeli military leaders advocating against terrorism, delves into some of the implications of the PA/PLO’s ‘Pay to Slay’ program which rewards terrorists for killing Israelis and Americans.

While anti-Israel activists attack the Jewish State over the state of health care in the PLO territories, it’s the PLO that chooses to spend the money on terrorism, not health care.  

As the Habithonistim report notes, “In 2018, the budget of the Palestinian Ministry of Health, which is responsible for the health of 5 million inhabitants, stood at $530 million USD ($111.6 USD per capita per year), while the budget paying beneficiaries of terrorists, which serves 12,200 incarcerated and released prisoners, and 37,500 family members of “martyrs” and wounded terrorists, which constitute a minuscule part of the population, stands at $370 million USD ($8,820 USD per capita per year).”

“This means that the PA allocates 78.98 times more budgets per capita for terrorism than for health.”

As far as teachers go, it doesn’t get much better.

“In comparison to the world average, the income level of a Palestinian terrorist serving 30 years in prison and above is ranked the 18th in the world. He/she earns 4 times the average Palestinian salary and 8 times the average Palestinian minimum wage.”

“The PA’s policy makes it 5 times more profitable to become a convicted terrorist than a teacher.”

The report also notes that terrorists earn many times more than doctors or engineers. You get what you pay for and the Palestinian Authority/PLO chooses to fund terrorism. And so it gets world-class terrorists and very poor health care and education.

Upon their 30th year in prison, their salaries reach $3,750 USD per month, equivalent to the salary of the President of the Palestinian Supreme Court, and eight times the average minimum salary in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria (“the West Bank”). It is also 4 times the per capita average monthly salary earned by Palestinians Priorities.

All of this is funded by US, European, and Japanese taxpayers. And under the Biden administration, the flow of money to the terrorists is back on. All the talk of humanitarian aid can’t disguise the simple fact that the PA relies on foreign aid to provide its basic services while it focuses on terrorism and murder.

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