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President Joe Biden hates touching Israelis

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President Joe Biden hates touching Israelis

Much before Joe Biden set foot in the Jewish State, Israeli leaders were instructed by the Team Biden and the members of Secret Service not to shake hands with the US president and even touch him, despite the fact, Biden was seen pressing the flesh with outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at a NATO summit, and getting a hug from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, not to mention shaking hands with a variety of foreign leaders during his summer trip to Europe, including those of Turkey, Indonesia, and India.

According to a Jerusalem Post report, the Biden administration had told the Israelis that its titular figurehead won’t be shaking hands in Israel due to COVID. It seemed, there was a whole lot more of a COVID threat in Israel than in meeting politicians from across the entire world.


Commenting on this, Daniel Greenfield wrote in the Frontpage Mag:

Instead of the traditional greeting line at Ben Gurion Airport, the Israelis have been told that due to “scheduling pressure, COVID, and the hot weather, the US president will not shake hands with the invited, and there will be no opportunity for personal photographs”.

Not that there’s likely to be too much demand for selfies with Biden anyway.

While the official word is that Biden is too old and won’t be able to handle 90-degree heat, he did not seem to have a problem getting out and shaking hands when he landed at Spain’s Torrejon de Ardoz air base last month at a time when temperatures in Madrid hit 88 degrees.


Either, Biden aged quite a bit in three weeks or two degrees make a hell of a difference.

Or, possibly, the Biden administration wanted to avoid a big show with the Israelis and is using COVID, old age and the weather as an excuse for playing down the traditional ceremony.

Joe Biden did not touch any Israeli, including the leaders. Instead, he was the first sitting president who visited a “Palestinian” facility in East Jerusalem, as sign of expressing solidarity with the Islamist terrorists. And one of the most outrageous parts of it is – Biden’s men refused to allow any Israeli official to accompany him on the hospital visit, demonstrating that despite Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of Israel, Joe Biden does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over its own capital.


And this was for the first time, an American president had willingly exhibited disrespect to the Holocaust by saying: “We must keep alive the honor of the Holocaust”.

By obstructing Israeli officials to the “Palestinian” facility, Joe Biden has openly showed the world that the historic location on the Mount of Olives belongs to the terrorists. It was in fact a bigger insult to the entire Israeli nation and Jews than disallowing shaking hands with the elected officials in the Jewish State.


We need to remember, Joe Biden began his trip to Israel by boasting of providing over US$500 million in aid to the terrorists despite the refusal of the PLO to stop its ‘Pay-to-Slay’ program subsidizing salaries for convicted terrorists and payments to the families of PLO, Hamas, and even ISIS terrorists killed during their attempts to murder Israelis and Americans.

And, as part of Joe Biden’s determination of appeasing, funding and even patronizing the “Palestinian” terrorists, his White House did not pay minimal attention to a letter from Arnold Roth and Frimet Roth, parents of Malki Roth, the victim of 2001 Sbarro pizzeria bombing.


The family of Malki Roth, an Israeli-American girl killed in the attack, have asked for a meeting with Biden during his Israel visit. They wanted him to press Jordan, a close American ally, to send terrorist and the mastermind of the 2001 suicide bomb attack – Ahlam Tamimi to the US for trial.

“We ask that you address this as only the leader of the United States can,” Frimet and Arnold Roth, the parents of Malki Roth, who was 15 when she was killed in the attack, wrote in a letter. “We are bereaved parents as you are, sir. We have a burning sense that injustice in the wake of our child’s murder is winning”.


The Roths have been waging a campaign for the extradition of Tamimi since she was released by Israel in a 2011 prisoner swap with the Hamas terrorist group and sent to her native Jordan, where she lives freely and has been a familiar face in the media.

“The US government continues to seek her extradition and the Government of Jordan’s assistance in bringing her to justice for her role in the heinous attack”, the US National Security Council said.


On August 9, 2001, a Palestinian bomber, under the direct command of Ahlam Tamimi walked into a Jerusalem pizzeria and blew himself up, killing 15 people. Two American citizens, including Roth, were among the dead.

Tamimi, who chose the target and guided the bomber there, was arrested weeks later and sentenced by Israel to 16 life sentences. Since her release, she has expressed no remorse and has boasted that she was pleased with the high death toll.


In a 2017 interview with The Associated Press, she said the Palestinians have a right to resist Israel by any means, including deadly attacks.

The Roths have repeatedly called on US authorities to press Jordan, which has received billions of dollars in American assistance, to turn over Tamimi for trial.


The United States has charged Tamimi with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction against American nationals. The charge was filed under seal in 2013 and announced by the Justice Department four years later. Her name was added to the FBI’s list of Most Wanted Terrorists.

The US and Jordan signed an extradition treaty in 1995. But in 2017, Jordan’s high court blocked her extradition, reportedly claiming the treaty was never ratified.


Two years ago, the Trump administration said it was considering withholding aid to Jordan over the case, but ultimately no action was taken.

“Something is obviously terribly wrong with how the pursuit of America’s most wanted female fugitive is going”, the Roths wrote in their letter, sent to Biden through the US Embassy.


“We want to explain this to you better in a face-to-face meeting,” they added. “We want you to look us in the eyes, Mr. President, and tell us how Jordan’s king can be a praiseworthy ally”.

Joe Biden will never exert pressure on the Jordanian regime in extraditing terrorist Ahlam Tamimi. Because, he is actually an ally of the anti-Semitic forces and enemies of Jews and Israel.

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