Princess Latifa bint Maktoum is well

During her recent visits to a number of European nations, Princess Latifa, daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum has issued a statement on Instagram saying: “I recently visited 3 European countries on holiday with my friend. I asked her to post a few photos online to prove to campaigners that I can travel where I want. I hope that now I can live my life in peace without further media scrutiny. And I thank everyone for their kind wishes”.

Meanwhile, Taylor Wessing, a global law firm that serves the world’s most innovative people and businesses, has already warned several individuals, including scammer David Haigh, Tiina Jauhiainen and Markus Essabri with the instruction of refraining from further playing with the Princess Latifa case and from fooling people around the world with false propaganda against Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum and Princess Latifa.

The law firm has also written to Tom Steinfort and warned him to refrain from using fictious stories of David Haigh in the book. Any mention of defamatory and false propaganda centering Princess Latifa would cause legal consequences.

According to a credible source, on receipt of the letter from Taylor Wessing, David Haigh and his scamming racket has stopped their propaganda on open platform. But another source said, David, Tiina and Marcus have been continuing propaganda secretly and been misguiding various media outlets especially in the Western countries.

Meanwhile, being once again misled by David Haigh and Tiina Jauhiainen, a number of Western media outlets have repeated the same conspiracy theory with the notorious agenda of twisting facts. British newspaper The Guardian in its report titled ‘Statement purporting to be from Dubai’s Princess Latifa says she is free to travel’ wrote: A statement issued by Princess Latifa’s lawyers, purporting to come from the daughter of Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, declared she could now “travel where I want” a day after a picture of her in Madrid airport appeared online.

The brief remarks are the first time that Latifa has been quoted since her dramatic flight from the emirate three years ago, though the lawyers, Taylor Wessing, insisted they should only be reported as coming directly from the princess herself.

On Sunday, a picture had appeared on Instagram showing Latifa posing with a British friend, Sioned Taylor, at the Spanish capital’s main international airport, accompanied by a caption saying they were having a “Great European holiday”.

Statement issued by Princess Latifa

Responding to questions about the photograph, Taylor Wessing issued a statement, which the lawyers said came from Latifa. “I recently visited 3 European countries on holiday with my friend,” it began.

“I asked her to post a few photos online to prove to campaigners that I can travel where I want. I hope now that I can live my life in peace without further media scrutiny. And I thank everyone for their kind wishes.”

Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed, has come under international pressure to demonstrate that Latifa is free and well after she unsuccessfully attempted to flee the emirate in February 2018, accusing him of years of abuse in a YouTube video released online after the escape plan failed.

The princess, 35, is one the sheikh’s estimated 25 children by several wives. Sheikh Mohammed is the vice-president and prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, as well as being the hereditary ruler of Dubai, one of seven emirates that make up the country.

Driving first to neighbouring Oman, Latifa and a friend boarded a yacht, setting sail across the Indian Ocean in an attempt to escape abroad. But as fuel ran short 30 miles from Goa in India, the vessel was boarded by commandos from the Indian army, whom the ruler of Dubai had successfully asked for help.

Sheikh Mohammed has repeatedly denied all allegations of mistreating Latifa, But a UK family court found in a judgment published in March 2020 that she had been detained under house arrest, in conditions “akin to a prison” in the initial period after she was recaptured at sea.

Latifa’s plight was highlighted as part of a child custody battle in the British courts involving Sheikh Mohammed and his second “official” wife, Haya Bint al-Hussein, who had fled to the UK in 2019 with her two young children.

Haya’s lawyers argue that the treatment of Latifa helped justify her demands in relation to her children, claims that are contested by Mohammed’s legal representatives. The case between the two is ongoing.

In the last month, Latifa has appeared in Instagram posts on Taylor’s account, suggesting she enjoys an increasing degree of freedom. Two images from Taylor showed her in and around shopping malls in Dubai, followed by the picture from inside the Madrid airport on Sunday.

According to Taylor Wessing, Latifa visited Spain but is no longer in the country, and is very likely to travel again. A repeated complaint made by the princess to friends in the past was that she did not have a passport and was not able to leave the emirate after a previous failed escape attempt in 2002.

Campaigners seeking Latifa’s release have welcomed developments and the princess is understood to be in direct contact with some friends by phone and letter again. On Monday, the Free Latifa campaign said it was putting on hold its campaigning activities, and said it was “seeking guarantees” that would help “secure the present day and future safety and wellbeing of Latifa”.

UK family court misled by Princess Haya

Following publication of several photographs of Princess Latifa, it is proved beyond doubt that the Dubai princess is neither held captive nor is barred from travelling abroad. In this case, her ex step-mother Princess Haya of Jordan and those crooks such as David Haigh and Tiina Jauhiainen had misled the UK court with concocted stories and lies, which is tantamount to punishment. Now it is responsibility of the British court to summon Princess Haya, David Haigh, Tiina Jauhiainen and Marcus Essabri and ensure, they are punished for lying to the court on oath.

Desperation of Tiina Jauhiainen

Until now, Tiina Jauhiainen has been fooling everyone, including the media with the false claim of being the “best friend of Princess Latifa”. She has been also giving false narratives about been harassed by the Dubai authorities when she was captured while attempting to abduct Princess Latifa. Following publications of Princess Latifa’s photographs showing whatever Tiina Jauhiainen and her hang were saying are totally false; a crook and greedy Tiina has been making frantic bids in establishing contacts with Princess Latifa. But, Princess Latifa or the Dubai royal family are unwilling to let this scammer further fool the people with fictitious stories.

Dubai should take legal actions against the abductors and propagandists

Meanwhile, legal experts said, what Tiina Jauhiainen and others have done by luring Princess Latifa to flee Dubai is a criminal offense. Moreover, Tiina and her gang members were planning to forcefully held Princess Latifa captive and extort millions of dollars as ransom from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. This crime racket reportedly was even planning to murder Princess Latifa once they succeeded in extorting the ransom amount. Legal experts are demanding an international investigation into the case of attempted abduction of the Dubai princess and they want those perpetrators of crime to be punished.

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