Saffron jihadists in Bangladesh instigating communal riot while Quran burnt in Sweden

Suraiyya Aziz

While hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world are protesting the insult of the Prophet of Islam by a French satire magazine by publishing his imaginary cartoons, radical Hindu groups known as Saffron jihadists in India and Bangladesh are continuing instigative acts with the notorious agenda of pushing the Muslims and Hindus towards communal riots. These Saffron jihadists are spreading provocative hate-speech and propaganda mostly through social media. Counterterrorism experts in Bangladesh have already identified a number of such groups on Facebook, wherefrom radical Hindus and Saffron jihadists are on purpose insulting Muslims, Islam and even the Prophet of Islam. While the entire Muslim world already is witnessing massive protests due to the publication of cartoons in Charlie Hebdo, Saffron jihadists in Bangladesh, with the active support and patronization of radical Hindus and Saffron jihadists from India are also publishing similar cartoons on the social media network as well as making extremely derogatory comments on the Prophet of Islam.

On Friday, a memorial service was held in Stockholm for teacher Samuel Paty, who was beheaded in France after showing cartoons of Muhammad in his lesson on freedom of expression.  On Thursday, Samhällsnytt was able to announce that the Stockholmer, anonymous for his own safety, who organized the so-called Koran football game outside the Riksdag at the end of September, would now visit the power center again and oppose the Police Authority’s claims that it is forbidden to hold Islamophobic demonstrations with Koran burning.

Moreover, when the relationship between Israel and several Muslim nations are getting to normal and there also are clear indications of Saudi Arabia establishing diplomatic relations with the Jewish State, some senseless Jewish news-site operators also are either joining voice with the Saffron jihadists or on purpose insulting Muslims and Islam, which would actually jeopardize the growing trend of establishment of relations between Israel and most of the Muslim nations.

Those Jewish writers and news-site operators although are considering radical Hindus and Saffron jihadists as their ‘blood-brothers’, they possibly do not remember that one of the key leaders of India’s liberation war, Subhas Chandra Bose was an intimate friend of Hitler, while hundreds of Indians have volunteered in Adolph Hitler’s notorious Holocaust.

Those Jewish writers and news-site operators have also forgotten that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi once cheered Hitler and said, India needed a Hitler. They also do not remember; India is the only country in the world that considers Nazi Swastika as an auspicious and holy symbol.

Immediately after the recent jihadist attack in France, Kremlin, while commenting on it very rightly said, it was unacceptable to kill people, but also wrong to insult the feelings of religious believers.

Although French President Emanuel Macron sees the cartoons as “freedom of expression”, what he would do if there were similar cartoons on Jesus Christ, Moses and what those Indian Saffron jihadists would do, if there were insulting cartoons on their goddess? Can Macron or those radical Hindus and Saffron jihadists tolerate it?

For sure, we should strongly condemn the notorious jihadist attacks in France and also condemn the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office, we definitely cannot accept the burning of the Quran either in France or any other country in the world. We also call upon the Bangladesh authorities to take stern action against the Saffron jihadists and radical Hindus who are on purpose spreading anti-Muslim propaganda on various social media sites. Attacks on religious sentiment should immediately stop.

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