The Republican Irish continue their history of racism and antisemitism


Peter Baum

Which nationality were mainly responsible for 19th century genocide, openly assisted those committing 20th century genocide and currently support those wishing to enact a 21st century genocide? More bewildering and sinister is how this nation has managed to conceal such barbarity and indecent practices and yet be so warmly accommodated within humanity.

The Irish form the Republic of Ireland, not Northern Ireland, is the perpetrators and such is the quantum of evidence to these events that verification of my essay if required is readily available. If you are Southern Irish Republican or of Southern Irish descent the following will be unpalatable to the point of nauseating – I make no apologies for exposing the sheer scale of human indecency and the role the Irish played. This investigation has given me a deeper understanding of the racism within much of the current, Republican Irish DNA.

Nineteenth century Irish immigration to the New World of one million plus  was colonial, racist,  opportunistic , land grabbing, brutal and ultimately resulted in the genocide of the native American indigenous tribes. Ironically the Southern Irish as a product of their own cowardice and racism ignorantly accuse the Jews of doing similar within the Palestinian territories.

It was considered the Manifest Destiny of Irish settlers to promote their rights and purpose to inhabit and conquer the entire North American continent at the expense of the indigenous population. American Indians once represented 100 percent of the population of the Americas and four hundred years later they now represent less than one percent through massacre, starvation and genocide perpetrated mainly by the Irish.

It is estimated that circa 1550 American Indians numbered around 15 million and there are only 238, 000 today.

A starting point is difficult – we could begin with the 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, first generation Irish and responsible for the slaughter of the Creek Indians and the implementation of Apartheid Laws, the Removal Act of 1830 forcing the native Indians to reservations from their natural homelands and the barbaric Trail of Tears where Indians were marched thousands of miles in atrocious conditions to lands barren of food.

In the mid to late 19th century just after the Civil war there was Irish dominance of the US Cavalry both in troops and officers. . In his essay Irish of the US military , November 2000 ( link unavailable ), Jim Otto’s research suggests a number of 230,000  Irish populated  the  US Cavalry equaling 70 percent  spanning 39 Regiments , the majority not citizens and on average being in the country for two years or less . The remaining 30 percent  of the troops were Buffalo Soldiers ( African-American ),  German or Skandinavian.

According to research the Buffalo soldiers played very little part in the Indian Plains War. The reasons for such a large Irish proportion were simply the economic opportunities for a majority unskilled immigrant workforce.

The Indian Wars or Plain Wars of 1868 -1895 were the years the Indian Americans became history and those responsible were mainly Irish.

Various massacres occurred, Washita River, 1868 where Cheyenne, Kyowa and Commanches were massacred, Bear River, and massacre of Blackfeet 1863. (Captain Eugene Baker), and the mass hanging of the Santee Sioux in Minnesota 1862 (Captain Conor ) were examples of many similar disgraceful events. At Washita and Bear River, women, children and babies were the majority of victims – killing for killings sake on a scale that was simply sadomasochistic.

In all three the Irish played a major part whether on the orders of the Irish Commanders, General Sheridan – ”the only good Indian is a dead one” or by the mainly Irish troops carrying out the atrocities, the genocide of the American Indian   was as a direct result of the government policy. 1500 attacks in forty years, historically more than any other Government on its native population in history and promoted in the winter months when the plains Indians were at their most vulnerable. Along with these attacks came the policy of starvation and forced resettlement which the Irish General Phil Sheridan had used as a winning tactic when in command of the US troops in the Civil war against the Confederates. He replicated the tactics of burning homes and killing livestock. The slaughter of bison in their millions literally created starvation.

Running parallel with the physical atrocities was the political encouragement of Irish Government officials. US Irish Congressman James Michael Cavenaugh in the House of Representatives May 28 1868 was quoted thus…..”I will say I like an Indian better dead than living. I have never in my life seen a good Indian except when I have seen a dead Indian ”.

Similarly Thomas Francis Meagher, Governor of Montana opposed any ”soft Government policy on the Indians”.

The Irish came, colonized, slaughtered, stole, stayed and remained.  How nauseatingly hypocritical of current Irish politicians, academics and writers in their endeavors to align themselves by tenuous connections to Irish suffering under the British  with the atrocities committed on the indigenous natives of North America, by  the Irish themselves.

So brutal were the Irish to the Indians that the little Irish ditty, the Garryowen , popular among his regiments  Irish troopers was Custer’s favorite tune before massacring  Indians ( as in Washita 1862 ) in their villages that it has become an offence to to play the song -see link below. Have the Irish ever called for the Irish settlers to return the lands they stole from the American Indians or made any form of financial compensation to those they slaughtered?

Irish antisemitism has its roots in Middle Age Conservative Catholicism – the Irish (excluding Northern Irish Protestants) have maintained their Jew hatred and cleverly hidden their historical racism.

Move on less than fifty years from the Americas to Europe and the rise of German National Socialism, Nazism and the evidence of support for this racist ideology throughout Southern Irish Republicans is overwhelming.  Conversely the opposite is true of Northern Irish Protestants as one may expect, being on the right side of human decency.

Unfortunately the Nazi support was not just prevalent within militant, Republican circles but also within the Diplomatic Administration, the highest levels of Government, the Irish media and Church. To suggest this was purely an anti British backlash is too simplistic and negates the racist DNA of Irish Republicans previously exposed by their treatment of indigenous North American Indians a few decades previously.

Pro Nazi diplomats in European Embassies, William Joyce the Irish Nazi propagandist, Republican collaboration, open media displays of support, training of spies, funding, etc. Mark Humphreys in the link below provides an excellent analysis of just how deep the relationship was between the Nazis and the Irish Republicans. Painful as it may be to our Irish readers, friends, colleagues and in the writers case, family too, here are just a few examples .

What should and will astound all readers is not only the sheer scale of involvement but even more perplexing was the continuous propaganda and mythology suggesting that the Irish were ”neutral” during the Second World War. Duplicitous – yes, neutral – never!

I list just a few examples of the Irish pro Nazi connections.

Ireland’s Jews listed for extermination at Wannsee given by IRA spies – only one Irish politician, James Dillon spoke against Hitler the other Parliamentarians were pro Nazi including – Oliver J Flanagan who to rapturous applause in the Irish Parliament praised Hitler -he later became Minister of Defence in the Government of Charles Haughey in the 1970’s.

Many Nazis were given open refuge in Ireland, Andrija Artukovic, the original ‘Butcher of the Balkans’; Pieter Menten and Otto Skorzeny.

Irish Ambassadors in Germany, Spain and Portugal were Nazi sympathizers and collaborators, such as Charles Bewley.

IRA Chiefs of Staff, Tom Barry, Sean Russell among others were all Nazi collaborators.

The Irish Government did not allow  any Jews safe passage and even turned away 500 French children from Drancy who then went on to be gassed in the concentration camps.

The Irish were the only Government in the world to send condolences on the death of Hitler to the German ambassador.

The Irish were the only country in the world to punish those Irishmen who fought AGAINST the Nazis. Having survived the war and on their return to Ireland they were stripped of Government pensions and not permitted to work for any Government office, contractor or supplier.

The Irish still maintain memorials in Ireland to Nazi collaborators, such as Sean Russell, Charlie Kerins, Sean McBride and Tom Barry

Mary Lou McDonald , the current SinnFein leader actually paid homage to the memorial statue of Sean McBride

Let us also remember that not content with collaborating with the Nazi in WW2, the IRA, bombed a memorial to those died fighting the Nazis . They killed eleven innocents attending a memorial service in Enniskillen. This is significantly poignant this week as globally we honour those who sacrificed so much in the two great wars in order that we can live freely.

I am too nauseated and bewildered to continue so please refer to the attached link for a more comprehensive list of the disgusting connections between Republican Irish and their supporters and probably the most disgusting sadomasochistic, totalitarian militants since time immemorial we know as the Nazis. Let me be clear the Irish would gladly have been another Quisling Government had the Nazis been victorious.  Those American Irish who fought for the Allies were thoroughly ashamed of their countrymen.

Let me also reiterate that too describe the Irish as neutral during WW2 is one of the greatest historical myths perpetrated on the human race. The Irish were duplicitous, plain and simple.

Now we move forward to the modern day and the Irish Republican attitude to Israel and the ”Palestinians”.

The letter attached below is just one of thousands of similar letters, comments, and statements, presentations on Irish TV or similar articles in Irish newspapers which are rabidly negative on Israel. Do not mistake this negativity as being driven by support for the Palestinians – the signatories combined intelligence on the subject matter is that of a retarded amoeba . It is pure, good old fashioned Jew hatred.

None of the signatories ever protested about the recent killing of 4000 Palestinians by Syrian, Iranian or Russian troops during the current Syrian civil war; nor have any of them ever protested neither the slaughter of ten thousand Palestinians by Iraqi and Iranian Shia militias nor the subsequent ethnic cleansing of forty thousand others on the Syrian / Jordanian border. None of these signatories have ever called for the boycott of any country including Jordan and Pakistan for the slaughter of twenty seven thousand Palestinians and the ethnic cleansing of one hundred thousand plus to North Africa. The Irish never uttered a word about the summary executions, ISIS style of nearly two hundred Palestinians just for protesting about Hamas, nor the throwing off buildings of LGBT Palestinians by Hamas. They were also silent on the one thousand or so Palestinians killed by Hamas and Fatah during their thrust for power and more recently the deaths of some two hundred children during tunnel construction.

No, the Republican Irish support for Palestinians is just continuing  antisemitism from the second world war and the racism within the Irish DNA as validated by the enormous part the Irish played in the genocide of indigenous American Indians.

The only connection that the Irish would have to the Palestinians who follow the fascist Islamic religious version of the Muslim Brotherhood’s interpretation of Islam is pedophilia. Multiple child rape is common in both societies and will be subject of another post. This link may have something to do with antisemitism but I think not and neither do I think the Southern Republican Irish love the Palestinians because of this common thread. In fact the debates I have had with those Irish who are rabidly supportive of the ”Palestinian” cause indicates that they are incredibly ignorant on the religious, legal, historical, political and anthropological issues of the subject.

How can any decent human individual, political organization or Government support Arab political parties calling for the extermination of Jews and liquidation of the only Jewish State in the world which is smaller than New York State. The Republican Irish do exactly that.

What a kick in the face to all those who fought against Nazism in the Second World War, so that the duplicitous Irish could enjoy freedom through the defeat of Nazism. Not the Republican Irish, they would have been quite content as the Nazi Quisling Government. I wonder how Leo Varadkar, the gay, non Aryan Irish Taoiseach would fair.

In conclusion the connection between SinnFein / IRA and the Arab Nazi ideologies of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic terrorist groups have been cemented by the bond mutual hatred antisemitism. Undoubtedly Jew hatred runs deep within both these factions and nothing short of Jew extermination will satisfy their human indecency. I for one am proud to call them out for what they – Irish Republicanism + Palestinian Nationalism = Rabid Antisemitism.

Peter Baum is a Contributor of Blitz.

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