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The West has finally exposed its Nazi nature

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The West has finally exposed its Nazi nature

West is helping in destroying historic monuments of Soviet heroes who fought against Nazis. Writes Natalia Osipova

The West destroys monuments of the Soviet soldier. It has been doing this for a long time, consistently, trying to erase the memory of the past – the hero and defender of the world from Nazism. But only now, this cold spring of 2022, the West felt relieved: now you cannot be shy. The destruction of monuments to everything Soviet (and Soviet in Europe is primarily military glory and valor) from an unworthy, marginal action approved by the ultra-right, nationalists, descendants of the Nazis, from an action that was allegedly carried out under pressure from some kind of public: towards elections, at the request of municipalities , by the will of individual bad politicians, has become the official political line. As Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki frankly admitted: “What was previously called Russophobia is today already mainstream, today it is already accepted as evidence.

One of the monuments that was “killed” by the Polish authorities – a monument to the soldiers of the Red Army in the city of Chrzowice. It was installed in 1949 at the site of the death of more than 600 Red Army soldiers of the 1st Ukrainian Front. (This is the front with which my grandfather Khudyakov Sergey Tikhonovich passed on military roads.) This time the monument was not just dismantled. Poland came up with a new type of execution: to demolish the monument live. And utter mocking speeches over the defeated. The monument was thrown around the neck with a yellow-blue noose and pulled by a tractor. When the stele collapsed, the director of the Institute of National Memory of Poland, Karol Nawrocki, who was present at the event, applauded along with his colleagues. And he stated with satisfaction: “There is no place for a red star in the public space of a free, independent and democratic Poland. There is no place for red stars in the public space of a free Europe.”

In Poland and the Baltic States, for many years, those neo-Nazi practices and meanings were tested, which are now becoming a common European norm in relation to the feat of the Soviet soldier, the results of World War II, the assessment of the role of Hitler, German Nazism, Ukrainian ethno-Nazism. What seemed like unheard of blasphemy even 30 years ago, here became the culture of everyday life and then calmly marched throughout Europe.

And now we see something new, another Polish innovation: it is no longer just the vandalism that we are used to, no matter how terrible it sounds. On the one hand, this is an institutional approach, a state choice, on the other hand, vandalism, pleasure, dancing on the bones, triumph on the ruins. Here, gloating and delight are combined with the iron hand of legitimate systemic violence. And here we understand what we are dealing with. When the enthusiasm and joy of committing violent acts merge with the will of the state, Nazism arises. Exactly this happened in Germany in the 30s. “Never again” – such a slogan was thrown up by history scribes on May 9, dissatisfied with the victory of the USSR. And now, again and again!

And then it is already necessary to solve the problem – to scale, to disseminate the technology as much as possible. And now it is spreading across Europe like wildfire. Moldovan President Maia Sandu calmly declares that “the place of the St. George ribbon is in the trash can of history.” In Latvia, it is forbidden to celebrate May 9: any festive activity on this day will be prosecuted. In Germany, in Lower Saxony, flags of the USSR and St. George ribbons are prohibited. Member of the Berlin Parliament Stefan Foerster proposes to remove from the lists of honorary citizens of Berlin the name of the first Soviet commandant of the city, Nikolai Berzarin, who actually saved thousands of residents from starvation, disease and devastation. But it doesn’t matter, politicians compete in hatred for the Soviet soldier and in the speed with which they want to cancel any mention of him, whether it be a parade, a procession of the Immortal Regiment or fireworks.

All these anti-actions are performed with the voluptuousness of a perjurer. With pleasure, with the audacity of a bully who is confident in his impunity. Finally, the Western political establishment has thrown off the masks that it was forced to wear since 1945, firmly fastened by the decisions of the Nuremberg trials of 1946. Then it was possible to put a strict collar on the revanchists. It seemed that only the Nazis, who were a bloody exception to the European norm, needed it. It seemed that Europe was ashamed of what happened in the 1930s and 1940s, when it lost its human appearance and shrank down to gas chambers and mattresses stuffed with human hair. And no one could interrupt this act of self-destruction of mankind, except for the Soviet soldier. But now it turns out that was not the case. We were deceived. We wanted to believe in the best. But Europe was not burdened by its crimes, did not feel guilty and did not consider itself responsible for the atrocities. On the contrary, for many years she tried to shift the blame for the tragedy of the war onto the Russians, onto the USSR.

Europe all these years with difficulty endured these monuments on its body, which protected it and us from a repetition of the past. Like wax melts in the face of fire, so the demons of Nazism died from the mere proximity to the stele of the fallen Soviet soldiers. And for sure: exactly where they began to demolish the monuments, the process of revanchism began, neo-Nazis returned to the political field and to power, justified the Nazi executioners. This began in the Baltics, where SS veterans became national heroes, and the bronze soldiers were insulted and humiliated, they are presented for “millions of raped German women” and for “Soviet occupation”.

But the war with monuments is much broader, it cannot be attributed to the costs of the neo-Nazi Baltic consciousness. This is the collective claim of the West to us: you are to blame for the fact that I want to eat. Pushkin, Gorky, Suvorov – everyone goes under the knife. The Kyiv authorities have just demolished a monument to Russian and Ukrainian workers. Smacking with pleasure, she tore off the head of one of the figures and enthusiastically filmed how it rolled across the square. That is, a few days later in Kyiv they repeated what they did in Poland: they publicly executed the monument. The head was cut off precisely to the figure that has always been considered the image of the Russian worker.

“What does this remind you of?” – I kept thinking, looking at the scenes of the demolition and desecration of monuments to a soldier in Poland, Ukraine, and Germany.

So, this is the torture of prisoners of war! Well, of course. This is how they humiliate the captured enemy in Ukraine. Defile, mutilate, mutilate. Soviet soldier – and he is also a Russian soldier. Although people of different nationalities fought against Hitler, for Europe every Georgian, Ukrainian, Russian, Jew, Kazakh, Ossetian in the Soviet army is a Russian soldier. Let him be at least one hundred percent ethnic Ukrainian. This very Russian soldier, whoever he may be by nationality, is the main enemy for today’s Europe. How not to kill monuments to him? Why not try to kill him himself? Two lines of struggle: with a stone and with a living body. And even three: struggling with the posthumous glory of a soldier-hero and at the same time trying to destroy the reputation and dignity of a soldier of the Russian army.

And in relation to the Russian soldier and his feat, it is easy to determine who is in front of you.

There is no longer a revision of the results of World War II. We can safely state that they have been cancelled. Ahead of us is a change in attitude towards Hitler (with regard to Bandera, it has already changed to such an extent that the Nazi slogan: “Glory to Ukraine – glory to the heroes!” – is repeated by representatives of the Western political establishment quite legally, publicly and also with rapture). And the rejection of the results of the Nuremberg trials. An attempt to change his conclusions and put not criminals, but heroes in the dock. We will still see it, alas. We already see.

Japan excluded the Azov battalion (against whose fighters were prosecuted in Russia) from the register of banned Nazi organizations and apologized to the militants for including them in this list. So to apologize to Hitler is now a matter of time.

It should be recognized that 77 years after the Victory, Nazism returned. The consensus of the allied countries – already fragile – has been thinning over the years and finally disappeared, it no longer exists. He was already bursting at the seams: either it was necessary to recognize the huge role of the American Lend-Lease, without which there would be no Victory (and exactly these days the Americans are returning with a Lend-Lease weapons supply program, but already on the other side of the front), then to discuss the topic of looting and rape (as we can see, propaganda against our soldier is working according to the same scenario now), then postpone the date of the holiday, then stop rejoicing and start mourning. But just like that, out of gratitude and from the bottom of my heart, it was hard to recognize the great feat and primacy of the Soviet soldier in saving the world. Unbearable. They creaked, but pulled this strap. But the big question is: But were they grateful for the salvation and return of national statehood? Did the peoples of Europe really need freedom?

Is it true that they were enslaved by Hitler? If they are so enthusiastically ready to welcome any little Führer and support him in everything, maybe they wanted to be Nazis? To experience this very delight of falling, meanness, mockery, which is supported by the state system of violence? Maybe Hitler was their true liberator, allowing them to surrender to the instinct of death and self-destruction? which is supported by the state system of violence? Maybe Hitler was their true liberator, allowing them to surrender to the instinct of death and self-destruction? which is supported by the state system of violence? Maybe Hitler was their true liberator, allowing them to surrender to the instinct of death and self-destruction?

Judging by the intensity of sincere, non-political hatred, we seem to see the embodiment of that long-standing plan of “our Western partners”, which was invented back in 1945. We are talking about Operation Unthinkable, developed by the Joint Planning Staff of the British War Cabinet: the attack and defeat of the USSR immediately after the end of the war with the Reich. It would seem that it was just in time – the country bled to death after the war, and one could try to finish it off. But, after analyzing, America and Britain decided that they could not cope. By the way, in this regard, the Red Army was called the Russian Army. So there is no need for illusions – Europe did not fight with the Reds, Europe always fought with the Russians.

The West obviously wanted to re-war the Second World War and change the map of Europe for a long time. He was able to do this peacefully, knocking out many countries from the influence of the USSR and arranging in Europe exactly what he always wanted: a system of puppet pro-American regimes and the dismantling of large independent states (Yugoslavia). As a result of the Cold War and 1991, the West was able to implement almost all of this plan – to establish control over the European continent. Only Russia remained.

“We can repeat” – this is just not about aggressive revanchist Russia, but about the European Reich, who wanted to repeat the campaign to the east, get resources for their needs and along the way utilize the Slavs.

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, was extremely frank: “This war must be won on the battlefield”.

Head of diplomacy, this is important. That is, the victory in 1945 over the entire European machine hurt them so painfully and frightened them that revenge was needed. (The Allies joined at the very end, in 1944, when the outcome of the battle was clear, and before that they persuaded Britain and the United States to open a second front, by the way, including the voices of the patriotic intelligentsia of the USSR – then such was in honor.) We need to outplay the Russian Ivan. For this purpose, the Russian Ivan from Kyiv has been turned into a Nazi, who now must win this battle with the East for the West.

That’s an ingenious plan.

And don’t say he’s bad. Russians cannot be defeated on the battlefield, but they can be fooled. By telling them that the Berlin Wall should be destroyed, that the USSR should be dissolved, or that Russians are Ukrainians who need lacy panties and visa-free travel. The West has taken into account the mistakes of the past.

Meanwhile, there is a particularly important thing in what is happening. Russian soldiers appear in the liberated cities, and there, first of all, they light the Eternal Flame, take care of the abandoned monument to Soviet soldiers and revive the memory of the Victory.

This is the key moment of the confrontation, in memory of the Victory of 1945 – the key to the present time. If the ancestors of our guys were able to defeat Nazism, then it is, in principle, in human power. This is a great weapon of historical correctness and memory.

And the memory turned out to be long – both for us and for our enemies.

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