There is conspiracy against Bangladesh


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has repeatedly said, there is conspiracy against Bangladesh. Similarly, most of the key figures in the government are also talking about conspiracy of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its cohorts in illegally toppling-down the Awami League government.

Recently Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, conspiracy is being intensified to topple her (Sheikh Hasina) from the power as the national election is approaching nearer.

She said, “Conspiracy was hatched before the national polls in 2014 and 2018. The intriguers are becoming active again to remove Sheikh Hasina from the power as the national election nears”.

Mentioning that she knows the conspirators are very much active to thwart the Awami League (AL) government, Sheikh Hasina said, “I know who are involved in this conspiracy and what they are doing. I know them very well and none is unknown to me”.

She said the evil forces, involved in killing Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman along with most of his family members including Sheikh Russel on August 15, 1975, are not liking the country’s development under the leadership of a member of the Bangabandhu’s family.

Ruling Awami League’s General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said that the main goal of BNP is to bring down the government so that it (BNP) can bring back ‘Hawa Bhaban’ in the country through militancy.

“The fall of the government means power. Take back Bangladesh means Hawa Bhaban [an infamous house which was known as epicenter of corruption and patronizing terrorism and militancy, during the rule of BNP], destruction, militancy and sectarianism again in the country. The main aim of BNP is to oust the government. The collapse of government is nothing but a daydream of BNP”, he said.

Awami League (AL) Presidium Member Matia Chowdhury said some evil forces want to oust the AL government.

“Some evil forces are hatching conspiracies against the present government….We will remain cautious against any kind of plot”.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud has urged the expatriate Bangladeshis and Awami League (AL) men to report against anti-state rumor mongers and malice disseminators staying abroad to their concerned countries.

Hasan said the country (Bangladesh) has changed under the dynamic leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as it is now a role model of development before the globe.

But, he said many could not tolerate the unprecedented development of the country and so, they are spreading anti-state propaganda and hatred.

“I would like to urge the AL men and patriot Bangladeshi expatriates to make report against those persons (conspirators) to the concerned authority of their host countries,” said Hasan, also AL joint general secretary.

The minister also urged the AL men to present the incidents of brutal assassinations of Bangabandhu and most of his family members, extreme violations of human rights by killing hundreds of soldiers and AL men during the Zia [military dictator General Ziaur Rahman], Ershad [military dictator General Hussain Muhammed Ershad] and Khaleda [Khaleda Zia, wife of military dictator General Ziaur Rahman] regimes before the United Nations Human Rights Council, international human rights organizations and foreign states.

Countermeasures against anti-Bangladesh conspiracy

Whether one would agree or not, continuous propaganda of the vested interest groups and anti-Bangladesh and pro-militancy forces is certainly succeeding in misleading the international community, particularly the Western policymakers. The December 2021 sanctions imposed on Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) by the US Department of Treasury was an adverse effect of such devilish propaganda and desperate lobbying. As we know, anti-Bangladesh forces are spending millions of dollars with the nefarious agenda of putting Bangladesh into trouble. Are we doing something real and effective as countermeasures against such orchestrated notoriety of those enemies of Bangladesh?

In the recent time, sitting in Sweden, a pro-militancy “journalist” Tasneem Khalil and his cohort Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami, who fled Bangladesh several years ago when he was charged with criminal cases for extortion and robbery has released a cooked-up video with the ulterior motive of maligning the image of our armed forces. This video is based on statements of two dubious individuals – one of whom is well-known in Bangladesh for his connections with several militancy and terrorist groups as well as Pakistani spy agency.

Following publication of the cooked-up propaganda video, Tasneem Khalil and Zulkarnain Saer Sami began leaking some documents, few of which are either secret or highly-classified. We know how the US authorities had punished Edward Snowden and Julian Assange for leaking various types of cables of the US government. In the eyes of US law enforcement agencies and judiciary, leaking such contents are considered as serious crime, which would be tantamount to sedition and high-treason. But in case of these fugitive Bangladesh nationals, why the law enforcement agencies in the US and the West are not taking due legal courses?

As the next general election in Bangladesh is approaching fast, the government needs to put special emphasis on this matter and take effective measures in countering lies and false propaganda against Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, ruling Awami League and Bangladesh Armed Forces.

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Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam
Tajul Islam is a Special Correspondent of Blitz.

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