UK Muslim pupils tell Hindu classmates ‘Hinduism makes no sense’


Hindus in the United Kingdom are facing well-orchestrated bullying, demonization and nefarious hatred, while Hindu children are not spared from such heinous activities. More than half of Hindu parents told reporters, their children are suffering extreme cruelty and hatred in schools with incidents including Muslim students throwing beef at their Hindu classmates, despite the fact that Hinduism is the third most common religion in the United Kingdom, with roughly one million Britons identifying as Hindu. Moreover, during recent years, people from other faiths, including Christianity and Islam are converting to Hindu religion because of its nature of peaceful coexistence and non-violence. A large proportion of British citizens are getting accustomed and attracted to several Hindu festivals while they are enthusiastically joining the Diwali festival every year thus decorating homes with candles. In Britain, Diwali is gradually becoming a popular festival to people of other faiths – similarly as Christmas. It has become truly a secular festival in Britain and the Western world.

But, radical Muslims in the United Kingdom are not only jeopardizing this excellent example of peaceful coexistence of people of all faiths, they are continuing extreme forms of notoriety on Hindus – including minors.

According to UK newspaper The Telegraph, Muslim pupils are telling their Hindu classmates to change their religion to avoid bullying and make their lives easier, a think tank has found.

The study by the Henry Jackson Society found that Hindu pupils are being “held responsible” for the actions of India and facing xenophobic slurs from white pupils.

It comes after disorder broke out in Leicester between the Hindu and Muslim communities, which the report warned the same tensions are fueling discrimination in schools.

The document, authored by Charlotte Littlewood, a research fellow and former Prevent counter-extremism coordinator, spoke to 988 Hindu parents and surveyed more than 1,000 schools around the country.

Charlotte Littlewood in her article wrote:

“Hundreds of British Hindus protested on Sunday outside BBC offices against the broadcaster’s perceived bias. This is no surprise. The hard work of a small number of Muslim activist groups over the years, claiming to represent Muslims as a whole and perpetuating an over-egged victimhood, has persuaded many a hard Leftist and press outlet to support their narrative. Reporters tread with caution for fear that they too may be branded Islamophobic”.

She further wrote, “… The mainstream press were mostly silent on the Hindu-hate displayed last year and the threat posed to Hindu communities across the UK. In Leicester Hindu flags were burnt, Hindu homes and cars vandalized, an attempt was made to storm a temple and there were calls to “chop em up” and “chase them out of Leicester like we chased them out of Kashmir”. Why?  Because some Muslims were made to believe that Hindu extremists, instructed and funded by Modi, were active and presenting a violent threat to Muslims in the UK”.

The Jewish Chronicle in an article said:

David Baddiel’s thesis rings true: Jews don’t count because they are not the right kind of victim. Contemporary antisemitism draws on centuries-old bigotry that depicts them as “too rich” and “too powerful”. Now it seems this idea has barred another group of victims from victimhood: Hindus. For sections of the left, the world is divided into the “oppressor” and “oppressed”. Should you fall into the oppressor class you are everything that should be opposed and can never be a victim. Jews are viewed as white and powerful, imperialist and establishment, therefore deemed not able by definition to face racism and incapable of being victims. Hindus, it seems, have joined them.

Last summer, more than 600 people took to the streets of Leicester in violent protest against alleged “Hindutva”, a term unfamiliar to many. To some it means Hindu nationalism, to others simply outward expression of “Hinduness”. While Muslim and Hindu youths had fought in what looked like gang-style territorial violence, there was little evidence of any political nationalist allegiances with India.

Instead, concern over Hindu extremism lead to threats to find Hindus and “chop them up”, to “chase Hindus out of Leicester like they were chased out of Kashmir”, vandalism of vehicles and homes that displayed Hindu symbols and attacks on Hindu temples — all while the majority of mainstream media seemed to comment on any aspect other than Hindu-hate.

Despite the evidence pointing towards youth gang violence dressed up as “Hindutva” terrorism, reporting on the unrest in Leicester either endorsed the notion of “Hindutva” by giving a voice to key Islamist activists, or ignored the specific issues in Leicester by discussing nationalism on the subcontinent.

Mohammed Hijab, for example, who declared at a pro-Palestine rally in 2021 that “we love death” and rallied the crowds in Leicester with anti-Hindu slurs, referring to them as “violent vegetarians” and declaring he was leading a Muslim patrol, was interviewed on Channel 4.

Despite such documented fact of demonization and assault on Hindus, Muslim groups in the United Kingdom made notorious bids of hiding the truth by stating: “Hindu-Muslim tensions in Leicester exacerbated by misinformation from India”. Even BBC had joined this notorious propaganda of the UK Muslims.

In September 2022, it was reported in the media that radical Muslims in the United Kingdom were openly making announcements of driving-away Hindus from Leicester just like they did with Hindus from the Indian state of Kashmir.

Nefarious attack on Hindus

According to The Telegraph, Muslim pupils called for Hindus to convert or face “threats of hell for disbelievers” using terms such as “kaffir”.

In one example a child “was harassed and told that if they convert to Islam, their life will become so much easier” and in another told: “You aren’t going to survive very long… If you want to go to paradise, you’ll have to come to Islam… Hindus are the herbivores at the bottom of the food chain, we will eat you up”.

The report found that religious education was “fostering discrimination” against Hindus with inappropriate references to the Indian caste system and misconceptions over the worship of deities which students felt made “a mockery of them”.

While other religions were given days off for celebrations, Hindu pupils were often not given a holiday for Diwali.

The study noted that anti-Hindu hate was poorly reported, with only one percent of schools recording incidents while only 15 per cent of parents surveyed believed schools adequately address anti-Hindu related incidents.

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  1. Amazing twisting of facts and events – the arrests, convictions, independent eye witness reports tell a story of Hindutva thuggery by masked outsiders trying to cause strife between the local peaceful Muslim and Hindu communities. HJS is a known right wing think tank which has little to no credibility and the ‘journalist’ Charlotte Littlewood is part of this discredit outfit. Please name one school where Hindu pupils have allegedly been treated differently to Muslim pupils asking for a day off for Eid?

    An embarrassingly shambolic journalistic attempt at producing an article – Blitz needs to exercise greater editorial control for its output.

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