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Ukraine’s Zelensky miffed at US$33 billion in weapons

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Ukraine’s Zelensky miffed at US$33 billion in weapons

According to international reports, Ukrainian president Zelensky is insulted by the Biden Administration’s meager offering of only US$33 billion in deadly weaponry, which is less than half of the $86 billion Biden left for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“I’ll be honest, this hurts”, said Zelensky to reporters. “I thought our corrupt relationship with the Biden family actually meant something! You guys can’t even scrape up $86 billion like you did for the Taliban? Maybe you can just invade our country and then quickly pull out overnight and leave all your weapons here. That might work!”

Sources in Afghanistan reported that the Taliban has offered to “one-up” Biden’s offer with their own shipment of arms and ammunition to Ukraine since there are so many extra guns lying around and they don’t know what to do with them. “We are proud to help the good people of Ukraine,” said Taliban General Mohammed Mohammed. “We can send at least US$60 billion in extra weapons! Enjoy!”

To avoid being embarrassed on the world stage, the Biden Administration has offered to sweeten the weapon offer by also paying off Ukrainian student loans.


Does it look like a satire? But according to my previous article, while it has been reported in the media stating US President Joe Biden gifted military assets worth US$84 billion to Taliban jihadists in Afghanistan prior to America’s surrender and humiliating retreat, during the ongoing Ukraine war, United States and its European allies are sending military assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars, a significant portion of which is being slipped into the hands of the members of Azov Battalion and other neo-Nazi groups. Now Biden wants approval from the US Congress to allocate an additional budget of US$33 billion for helping Ukrainians [including neo-Nazis and Azov Battalion] with military assets and other types of “assistances”.

Quoting the Government Accountability Office (GAO) series of tweets were posted on April 12 by Felix Sater giving details of US military assets been handed-over to the Taliban by Joe Biden. Meanwhile, Team Biden has ordered all federal agencies to scrub the data from their websites, claiming that making the information public would pose “security risk”. Critics said, Team Biden has on purposes deleted such information with the ulterior agenda of hiding the humiliating retreat of the US forces from Afghanistan and handing-over military assets of huge amount. Through this, Joe Biden and his administration has committed serious crime by passing military assets, which had been purchased with American’s tax dollars to jihadists.


In August of last year, the State Department admitted the Biden administration removed audits and reports which detailed what the US had provided to Afghan forces and is believed to now be in the hands of the Taliban. The State Department justified the move under the guise of protecting Afghan allies.

According to a spokesperson: “The safety of our Afghan contacts is of utmost importance to us. The State Department advised other federal agencies to review their web properties for content that highlights cooperation/participation between an Afghan citizen and the USG or a USG partner and remove from public view if it poses a security risk.”


Having armed the Taliban with the best US arms available to use against its abandoned “Afghan contacts”, this was the best rationale available? To hide an absolute outrage from the American public in order to avoid “security risks”?

Many of the scrubbed audit reports merely listed military equipment and did not identify personnel.

“It’s worth noting that the Biden administration already put these partners at risk when officials provided lists of Afghan nationals to the Taliban in a misguided attempt to clear them for evacuation. The Taliban, a known terrorist organization with a history of murdering Afghan citizens working alongside US forces, should never have been trusted with those names,” Adam Andrzejewski noted in an analysis for Forbes.


Former President Donald Trump, in previous comments, said: “To leave that equipment, billions and billions of equipment, behind is insane. It’s inconceivable – that equipment is going to be coming at us for many years”.

“We were all set to have a victory in terms of getting out and getting out with dignity… it was all lined up,” Trump said. “The Taliban were petrified of us, they were staying away. All you had to do was finish it up and take all the equipment out”.


Trump argued that “every screw, every nail” should have been taken.

Team Biden essentially handed over to a terrorist organization 208 planes and helicopters; 75,898 vehicles; and 599,690 weapons, according to GAO numbers that were available before Team Biden ordered the data removed from federal websites.

Thousands of night-vision goggles, surveillance drones, and communication devices also went to the Taliban.

And now, Team Biden is repeating the same blunder by sending military assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukraine, knowing full well that a significant portion of these military supplies will slip into the hands of the members of Azov Battalion and other neo-Nazi groups in the country. These military assets may also land into the hands of other Islamist militancy groups such as Hamas and Houthis, and even Al Qaeda and Islamic State (ISIS) which also are trying to use the Ukraine war as one of the best opportunities of collecting sophisticated military assets.

It is also unclear as to how Ukrainian president Zelensky is going to refund this hue amount of US$33 billion American assistance, once the war is over. In my opinion Zelensky is currently looking for continuing the war and it would only trap the Ukrainian populace into deep debt trap of the United States and its allies.

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Sohail Choudhury is the Executive Editor of Blitz

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