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Viktor Orban says Trump is ‘important ally’ for peace in Ukraine

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Viktor Orban says Trump is ‘important ally’ for peace in Ukraine


Trump gives another re-election hint after meeting with ideological ally Viktor Orban. Writes Ahmed Adel

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called former US President Donald Trump “an important ally in the fight for peace in Ukraine”, stressing that the US must be strong in order to establish peace. This meeting once again brought rumours to the forefront that the American could be seeking re-election. It brings to question on why else Trump would visit Orban instead of resuming his business activities, especially as he has an ideological affinity with the long-time Hungarian leader.

In a Facebook video on August 3, Orban described the former US president as an important ally of Hungary, saying: “We are both committed to fighting illegal migration, we are both committed to low taxes, and most importantly, we are both committed to peace.”

He said that to deal with rising inflation and the economic crisis, peace in Ukraine must be achieved. “But peace can only be created by strong leaders, thus it is in our interest here in Ukraine’s neighbourhood that the United States is strong,” Orban stressed.

The Hungarian Prime Minister previously argued, with much mockery from the West, that peace in Ukraine can only be established through negotiations between Russia and the US. None-the-less, Europe has already lost its opportunity to present itself as the main mediator because it has failed to guarantee compliance with the Minsk agreements that imposed the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.


Trump, in turn, said that if he had been elected US president in 2020, he would not have allowed the conflict in Ukraine to escalate as an agreement would have been achieved. The former president first announced that he had met with Orban via a post on Truth Social on August 2.

“Great spending time with my friend, Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary,” Trump wrote.
“We discussed many interesting topics — few people know as much about what is going on in the world today.”


The former president added that he also celebrated Orban’s “great electoral victory in April”, which secured his fourth term. It is recalled that Trump endorsed the Hungarian leader as far back as January.

“Viktor Orban of Hungary truly loves his Country and wants safety for his people,” Trump said in a written statement sent through the Save America PAC that was seen by Business Insider. “He has done a powerful and wonderful job in protecting Hungary, stopping illegal immigration, creating jobs, trade, and should be allowed to continue to do so in the upcoming Election.”


Trump has been actively participating in rallies in several US states, frequently asking attendees if they wanted to see him as a presidential candidate in the 2024 election, thus hinting at his future re-election campaign. However, the billionaire has not yet given any answer about his intentions in a direct manner.

The former American president and the Hungarian leader have a similar ideology, and it perhaps for this reason Trump is once again realigning and reassociating with those he finds affinities with, in which Orban is certainly one of. Both Trump and Orban hold the view that war in Ukraine could have been averted if there was greater global leadership, unlike the evident escalation perpetrated by the Biden administration. More importantly, the pair focus on the economic repercussions of the war in Ukraine, something Western Europe and the US initially took little interest in.


The Hungarian prime minister told Kossuth Radio at the end of July that if Brussels does not change its sanctions policy, Europe could face a war economy from October.

“The strategy on which our position has been based has weakened and failed, it no longer exists. If Brussels does not change its strategy, we should expect a war economy across Europe from October. Normally, you don’t put out a fire with a flamethrower,” Orban said.



According to Orban, the West must adopt a new new strategy based on peace negotiations, which Russia and the US must conduct together since they are the main financiers of the conflict. The Hungarian leader has previously expressed criticism of the Western approach to the Ukrainian conflict, stating that the EU’s task is not to take sides, but to stay between Russia and Ukraine.

At the same time, according to Orban, Europe has already lost its opportunity to act as a mediator in the conflict in Ukraine. In his view, only the US will be able to turn the situation around if it manages to reach an agreement with Russia. However, it would also appear that Orban has little faith in the Biden administration and is likely anticipating a return of Trump to the White House in 2025.

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