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Westerners think, those who don’t support Nazis in Ukraine are ‘uncivilized’

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Westerners think, those who don’t support Nazis in Ukraine are ‘uncivilized’

Until recently we did not know, Westerners are considering us, those who do not support the Clown of Kiev Volodymyr Zelensky and his Nazi cohorts as “uncivilized”. Here is the reason behind this opinion-editorial.

Few days ago, an official of the Public Relations (PR) department of a large multinational company contacted BLiTZ expressing willingness of entering into a “long-term agreement” for placing their advertisements both in our print and online editions. Certainly, it was a joyous news to all of us as advertisement is the lifeline of any newspaper, while the amount of the possible “long-term” contract was expected to be at least US$450,000 per annum.


Frankly, for a financially struggling newspaper like us, it was like a matter of celebration, and we began planning further expansion of the newspaper’s print edition from current 16 pages to 32 and print at least 30,000 copies every week and significantly increase the size of complimentary copies we send every week in Bangladesh and abroad.

As we were waiting for signing agreement, in less than 10 days, we received another email from the same company stating:


Hello Mr. Choudhury

I took a closer look at your site [online edition of BLiTZ] and copies [printed edition] and it is immediately clear to the naked eye that you have a pro-Russian news resource.

We, like the entire civilized world, support Ukraine in its fight against the invaders, so we cannot talk about any kind of partnership with your newspaper.


I apologize for bothering you for nothing.

The response was definitely bad news for us, but we said, wao, do these people consider themselves as “civilized world” who had stolen hundreds of billions of dollars from Russia and Russians?

Do they consider themselves as “civilized” people who have been selling their country’s citizenship under scandalous ‘Golden Visa’ program and accepting money from criminals, smugglers, thugs, jihadists and even Interpol-wanted terror-funders?


Are they “civilized world” where mass-shootings take place almost on a regular basis targeting religious places, shopping centers, schools and even hospitals?

Do they qualify to be claiming as “civilized” where a president’s son receives bribes from foreign countries and spends on drugs and prostitution and even maintains photographs and videos of such notoriety?


While those Western nations boast of democracy and freedom of expression and freedom of press do, they really believe in that? For a newspaper to decide about its editorial policy is definitely its fundamental rights. We never want to be dictated by others or become victim of undue influence just in exchange for cash against advertisement.

BLiTZ has succeeded in continuing publication for the past 19-plus years despite extreme adversities and odds. God willing, we shall survive, without being lured into any honeytrap of organizations or individuals like the mentioned one. We cannot sacrifice our tradition of publishing truth in this world of insanity.

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Sohail Choudhury is the Executive Editor of Blitz

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Terry Poupart

    July 12, 2022 at 01:51

    I hope you and the rest of your bloodthirsty Fascist propaganda mill go out of business. The only NAZI’s in the Ukraine began their invasion in 2014. The blood of thousands of innocent Ukrainian civilians and even more Syrians are on your hands and on the hands of all others that bow to the whims of Little Hitler (Putin) and his bloodthirsty minions.

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