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White House witnesses a blitz of resignation amid Biden’s possible impeachment

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White House witnesses a blitz of resignation amid Biden’s possible impeachment

White House is witnessing an unexpected hurry within the staffers quitting their jobs as they are unwilling to witness a disgraceful president leaving presidency following impeachment. And everyone knows, during midterm elections this November, Republicans will win majority in the Congress and Senate, which will result in a disastrous fate for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Moreover, White House staffers are not anymore willing to become tagged as “member of a failed administration”. But, new White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was delivering her third on-camera goodbye to a departing staffer in less than 24 hours when she quipped to reporters, “I promise we will have a press shop.” She added, “Not everyone is leaving”, while all of us know – she did not tell the truth. One of the saddest sides of Biden’s presidency is deception, lies and mockery. The president himself knows he is sinking and already has become a hated character.

Biden’s White House is witnessing the great resignation spree.

According to the Associated Press (AP): “It’s a dynamic playing out across the White House complex this month — and more evidence that not even the White House is immune from what has been called “the great resignation” as employers struggle to fill vacancies and workers jump to new jobs at record rates.

“The administration is undergoing a period of unusually high staff turnover as President Joe Biden nears 18 months in office. Long hours, low morale and relatively low pay are taking a toll on both the ranks of the senior staff and the more numerous junior aides who keep the White House functioning.

It’s not unusual for staff to turn over at this point in a presidency, but the swiftness of the change has been stark at times: Two-thirds of the White House press shop, much of the COVID-19 response team, two of the deputy counsels to the president, even the staffer who manages the White House Twitter account are all leaving within a few weeks of each other.


“Some of it is by design. As is customary, White House staff were told to leave by July or to wait to depart until after the November elections, according to current and former officials.

“Still, the turnover, particularly within senior ranks, pales in comparison to the turbulent first year of President Donald Trump, who hired and dismissed staff at a record pace. Also, the Biden White House staffing was more stable than many predecessors in its earliest days, making the recent and upcoming exits more noticeable”.


Although Biden’s aides insist the departures are not tied to the president’s extremely low poll numbers, while left-leaning media is showing this as a “natural transition for staffers”, the reality is – all of them are terrified at Biden’s possibility of being impeached in November.

With the agenda of down-playing the ongoing crisis inside the White House, Emilie Simons, White House spokesperson said: “It’s a normal time for this level of turnover in any administration. Government service involves sacrifice, and staff often have young children or promising careers in the private sector they put on hold, or opportunities for advancement within the administration or through graduate school”.


Some of the staffers, who despite their direct support for the Democratic Party are also leaving the White House. But, they too are trying to hide the fact stating, “Many of them are heading to federal agencies, which have far deeper pockets than the smaller Executive Office of the President. They can often double their salary and substantially reduce their workload”.

Some of the White House staffers are saying, “In many ways the departures echo a broader trend in the economy — which the Biden White House has championed — where a historically tight labor market has given workers abnormal leverage to seek stronger-paying jobs that are more compatible with their post-pandemic lifestyles”.


Nick Bunker, director of economic research at the Indeed Hiring Lab told AP,

“We’ve seen these historic levels of quitting. We’ve also seen really rapid employment growth so that it’s people sort of taking advantage of the situation, getting new jobs, getting higher wages. So I think it is from a worker point of view, pretty much broadly a positive story”.

It may be mentioned here that, according to the US Labor Department data, more than 4 million workers have been quitting their jobs each month over the past year, accounting for almost 3 percent of all workers leaving jobs each month — most for other work opportunities.


“It’s a worker’s market right now”, then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki said last year, months before leaving herself for a role at the news outlet MSNBC. “We know that. People are looking for more dependable benefits. They’re looking for wages that are higher”.

The White House has bristled at the term “great resignation” and has tried to reframe it as what Bharat Ramamurti, the deputy director of the National Economic Council, calls the “great upgrade”.


Congress sets the budget for the Executive Office of the President, and that budget has remained largely flat even as costs have gone up, including some driven by the coronavirus response.

Biden also expanded the staff when he entered the White House, owing in large part to the centralization of the federal COVID-19 response and climate policy within the West Wing. The 2021 report showed an average salary of about US$94,000. That’s 40 percent higher than the country’s median household income, but still less than what the well-credentialed staff could earn in the private sector.


“White House salaries tend to be well below the salaries that people have before they come into the White House”, Kevin Hassett, former chair of the Council of Economic Advisers during the Trump administration told Ap. “This follows naturally from the fact that a president can choose people who are at the top of their professions. So when people return to their outside profession, the salary likely increases for almost everybody”.

But, veterans of previous West Wings who serve in or are in contact with Biden administration officials say, there is a notable lack of joy across the White House complex.


A large number of White House staffers are also complaining about “hot-temper” and bullying the staffers by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They are most of the time feeling insulted at the behavior of these unpopular tsars of the administration. It is even alleged that, Biden and Harris sometimes “cross lines of decency” and humiliate the staffers in a way as if they were their slaves or private servants.

Everyone in White House are panicked, as the president is at risk of being impeached after November’s midterm elections. That’s why some of them are trying to remain “low-profile” as much as possible. Many of the Biden aides are accommodating departure photos for staffers and their families and taking mental preparation of leaving White House as soon as they can.

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