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Who are the losers and victors in the Ukraine war?


Who are the losers and victors in the Ukraine war?

Commenting on the international sanctions on Russia, ambassador Anatoly Antonov said, “the thoughtless imposition of restrictions only aggravates the situation in the United States economy. Thus, it turns out that in an anti-Russian fever, Washington is ready to shoot itself in the leg and dance simultaneously. It looks absurd”.

A report from the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air, an independent research organization located in Finland, showed that Russian President Vladimir Putin made more money from oil exports during the war’s first 100 days than his country actually spent fighting in Ukraine. The report showed that Russia made 93 billion euros—or about US$97 billion—translating to about US$1 billion daily in fossil fuel exports.


Joe Biden and his administration have continually blamed Vladimir Putin and Russia for the economic turmoil in the US, though recently Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, when questioned by a Republican lawmaker during a Senate hearing, said that US inflation was “high” prior to the Ukraine war. Meaning, American economy started deteriorating weeks after Joe Biden entered the White House, and the key reason behind such trouble is Biden’s disastrous economic policies.

Meanwhile Biden, along with his woke supporters and activist media cronies, and corporate-controlled left-leaning media cartels, are completely out to lunch in a world that is realigning and changing rapidly. Several countries in the world are already looking for alternative currency as they have started believing, their too much dependence on dollar is the main reason for Americans and Westerners in playing sanction card at whims.


Recently, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has termed the sanctions imposed on Russia by the US and its Western allies as tantamount to human rights violations.

According to media reports, the Bangladeshi Prime Minister asked the United States to withdraw the sanctions it imposed on Russia as their punitive action is causing immense sufferings to people throughout the world.


She said: “I think that it is justified to retreat from the act of punishing one country which is hurting the people of the whole world”.

Sheikh Hasina said that the US-led sanctions were tantamount to violation of human rights as it is not fair to deprive all humans of their basic rights.


Hasina said it is unfortunate that when the whole world is being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic the Russia-Ukraine war has brought more miseries.

“Above all, the US-imposed sanctions have blocked the availability of items that Bangladesh imports’, she added.

Sheikh Hasina said, the transportation cost has gone up while the sources of availability of the goods have been shrunk.


She said, the sanctions is not only causing sufferings to Bangladesh, it also is affecting every country in the world, including the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom.

“People are the sufferers. The developed countries should specially think about it”, she said.

In this connection, Sheikh Hasina said that the US should understand that the sanctions are inflicting pain for their own people too. They also should look into the matter.


“You want to hurt a country [Russia] by slapping sanctions. But how much are they affected?” she questioned.

She said that the people of the other countries from low-income to developing and developed are much more affected by the restrictions.

Sheikh Hasina said the Ukraine war and the subsequent sanctions have hit Bangladesh just when it was just recovering from the adverse effects of coronavirus pandemic.


“This is really a great challenge for us and it has to be overcome”, Hasina said.

She also mentioned that the war should not prevent transportation of goods from one country to another and the international trading must continue uninterrupted.

The Bangladeshi PM pointed that the supply of food is being greatly hampered by the sanctions and it is affecting many developed countries too.


She said that her government is trying to increase food production through optimum use of its arable lands to meet the domestic demand and help others too.

“But to boost the food production we need fertilizer, diesel and other related materials. We are not getting the inputs”, she bemoaned.


Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov slammed the top European Union diplomat’s ridiculous idea of seizing Russian government reserves. Mr. Lavrov said, seizing Russia’s foreign-exchange reserves would be nothing short of theft. He said: “It seems fair to say that this is a theft they [the Western nations] do not even try to conceal”.

The Russian Foreign Minister’s comments came when an EU official suggested seizing Russia’s frozen reserves and using them to cover the costs of rebuilding Ukraine once the conflict is over.


Lavrov said, such actions “become a sort of a habit for the West”. He added, pointing to the fact that the United States had frozen funds belonging to Afghanistan, the Afghan Central Bank.

He said, Washington has no plans to spend them on the needs of the Afghan people that have suffered the consequences of the 20-year-long NATO presence on their soil.


When the EU official Borrell himself unveiled the idea in May 2022, he also referred to US President Joe Biden’s decision to set aside billions worth of the assets of Afghanistan’s central bank, adding, however, that they would be used to benefit the Afghan people.

The Russian minister also questioned Borrell’s role by saying that “We might soon see the position of the EU top diplomat gone for good since the European Union no longer has its own foreign policy and simply acts in line with whatever approaches are imposed by the US”.


Moscow would continue to oppose America’s attempts to erode the principles the UN was based on and to create a unipolar world order, the minister added.

Russia’s top diplomat also criticized Borrell for what he described as overstepping his bounds. Apart from suggesting the “idea of confiscating foreign assets”, the EU official previously said that the Ukrainian crisis should be resolved through military means”, Lavrov said, referring to an April statement by Borrell that “this war will be won on the battlefield”, while speaking about Russia’s operation in Ukraine.


Borrell “might as well remember… he is the chief diplomat and not the military leader of the European Union”, the Russian foreign minister has said.

Following the start of the Russian special military operation in Ukraine, Western nations froze around hundreds of billions of dollars in cash and assets owned by Russia and Russians.

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