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With Pakistan’s help, Taliban-led regime could become a nuclear power

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With Pakistan’s help, Taliban-led regime could become a nuclear power

A Taliban-led Afghanistan could also become a nuclear power if Pakistan decides to do more to help them. Pakistan, our ‘ally,” betrayed us at every turn, trained many of the Taliban in Pakistani madrassas, and provided safe haven, aid and comfort to our enemy. Writes James Simpson

After hiding out in his basement for four days, Joe Biden (I refuse to call him “President”), on Monday finally addressed his man-caused disaster unfolding in Afghanistan. That entire presentation was a mind-boggling litany of bald-faced lies and misdirections. We’ll go through each statement.


Lie #1. Biden claimed his hands were tied because of the agreements President Trump made with the Taliban.

Of course blaming Trump was the predictable first step, but why were his hands tied? He reversed every other Trump policy. What stopped him here? Furthermore, he mischaracterized the deal Trump made. It was contingent upon the Taliban keeping their word, and did not envision abandoning Afghanistan altogether as Biden has done. It meant continuing to provide air support and intelligence, and certainly not abandoning Bagram airfield or allowing the Taliban to seize military hardware.

Biden ignored all military advice in taking the rash, unprecedented action of ordering our military out in the middle of the night. This was not a withdrawal, it was abandonment—a complete abdication of responsibility that is leading to a massive humanitarian crisis.


Lie #2. This was his biggest lie. He said that he didn’t want to send more of our men-at-arms into harm’s way to die in a war already 20 years old.

No one asked him to.

Biden said this to misdirect our attention away from this calamitous outcome by tugging at our heart strings. We all wanted to see an end to the squandering of precious lives and resources in this war that seemed to go nowhere. However, over the past year, no American lives have been lost in combat. Since 2014, there have been a total of 92 U.S. combat casualties.


He sounded sickeningly self-righteous in pronouncing his determination to stay out of Afghanistan to avoid further U.S. casualties. Yet now he is sending 7,000 troops back into Afghanistan to rescue Americans and some Afghans (certainly not all who probably need it) from the disaster he created. This is over three times the number of Americans in Afghanistan before our withdrawal last month. And this is primarily to minimize the horrible optics for Biden and the Democrats. It seems obvious they couldn’t care less about anything else.

It only became necessary because we abandoned Bagram airport in the middle of the night, at the last moment, without even warning the Afghan commander. What responsible leader would ever do such a thing?


And will those Afghans they rescue be vetted by the utterly corrupt DHS? The Special Immigrant Visa program, designed for Iraqis and Afghanis who assisted us in war, is absolutely mired in fraud. Likely we will get some jihadis in the mix. We have before.

Lie #3. Biden said that the Afghan military was unwilling to fight and sacrifice for its own country.

The Afghan army had taken over the fighting entirely. We only supported them with intelligence and air power. While we have lost over 3,200 lives in this war, the Afghan military has lost over 66,000, along with 47,000 civilians. It is a literal slap in the face for the President of the United States to make such an insulting and utterly false claim. There were problems within the Afghan military, of that there is little doubt, but it defies belief that anyone would say they haven’t sacrificed or weren’t willing to fight. And now they stand to suffer even more.


The Taliban are reportedly going door-to-door seeking people who worked for us or our allies in any capacity. They are shooting people in the streets. The freedom many Afghans enjoyed because of the changes we made in their country over the past 20 years will now have that taken from them.

Lie #4. This was a lie by omission. Biden never mentioned why he decided to abandon Afghanistan in the middle of the night. He fled the room as soon as his little speech was over, denying media the opportunity to ask that important question.


Worse, the Taliban have captured tons of war-making supplies and equipment, including humvees, armed mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles (MRAPs) helicopters, drones, weapons, ammunition and other materiel worth $83 billion. Overnight the Taliban have become the best-equipped terrorist group in the world.

This catastrophe is so bad and was so avoidable, it is difficult to believe it was a mistake. Joe Biden, the Democrats and their allies in Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other Marxist organizations have been deliberately attempting to deconstruct every aspect of our society that made us great and keeps us stable and prosperous. I explain this strategy in full in the best-selling book, Who Was Karl Marx, the Men the Motives and the Menace Behind Today’s Rampaging American Left.


We should not be surprised by any of this. Joe Biden is a pathological liar. In the past he has claimed:

He was the only one in his class to go to law school on a full scholarship

He ended up in the top half of his class

He was the outstanding student in his political science class

He graduated with three degrees, earning 165 credits when he only needed 123.

All lies.

He had a 1/2 scholarship

He ended up near the bottom of his class: 76 in a class of 85 at his law school

He was not the outstanding political science student

He graduated with only one degree, and barely at that

In speeches he has plagiarized British Labor Leader Neil Kinnock, Bobby Kennedy, JFK and Hubert Humphrey.

He also cheated in law school, plagiarizing others’ work. When cornered about it, he said, “I’ve done some dumb things, and I’ll do dumb things again.”


Yes, and now we are paying for it.

This latest action was taken to assure America lost this war in the most humiliating and demoralizing way possible. President Obama did the same thing in Iraq, though he was not as blatant. This is part and parcel of everything we see the Democrat Party doing in America today. It is a strategy to overwhelm our society with problems, regret, anxiety and grief. A society so stricken is weak and vulnerable.

Joe Biden was almost certainly taking his orders from Communist China. His entire family’s scandal-ridden relationship with China puts Biden under their control. He is not on our side! China and the Russians have had their eyes on Afghanistan for decades, and now, by recognizing the Taliban as the legitimate leaders of Afghanistan, China has shown its hand.


A Taliban-led Afghanistan could also become a nuclear power if Pakistan decides to do more to help them. Pakistan, our ‘ally,” betrayed us at every turn, trained many of the Taliban in Pakistani madrassas, and provided safe haven, aid and comfort to our enemy.

Joe Biden did make one true statement, although he meant it to make himself look good, not to take responsibility. He owns every parcel of this disaster.

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1 Comment

  1. Dave S

    August 22, 2021 at 19:15

    There are many valid points in the article. It loses much of its impact by partisan overreach.

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