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Young migrants involved in terrorizing Italy

Italy, France


Young migrants involved in terrorizing Italy

At least fifty percent of the young migrants in Italy are involved in numerous forms of criminal activities, while authorities are still reluctant in taking any effecting measures in checking this migrant influx. According to 2021 statistics, majority of these migrants are from Tunisia, followed by Egypt, Bangladesh and Iran. Most shocking fact is, while entering Italy, these migrants provide mostly false documents or statements to the Italian missions in the respective countries, while they even succeed in hiding their criminal records by bribing the authorities concerned.

Before issuing visas to migrants and their family members, Italian missions in the respective countries mostly use their local staffs for background checking as well as verifying submitted documents. In most cases, these local staffs connive with the visa-seekers either out of sympathy or fellow-feeling or in exchange for cash. Few decades ago, there were also serious irregularities when Italian embassy in Dhaka was using services of a retired senior police official and later a barrister, who had abused this responsibility and betrayed with the embassy thus making tons of cash by demanding bribes from the visa-seekers in exchange for a clearance certificate. Hundreds and thousands of spouses of migrants had entered Italy with forged marriage certificate and other relevant documents while there also were cases where the migrants had succeeded in taking minors into Italy and other Western countries by falsely showing them as children.


Presence of violent migrants would potentially pose serious threat to Italy’s law and order situation as well as the native Italians. A data from the Italian government’s National Institute for Statistics (ISTAT) said, young foreigners commit nearly half of the serious crimes in Italy in the 14-24 age group, according to data from the.

The numbers are truly shocking since for this age group, foreigners make up 9.6 percent of the population. Nevertheless, young immigrants commit 50.2 percent of thefts, 48.1 percent of robberies, 47.7 percent of sexual violence, and 40.4 percent of assaults.


In the 18-24 age group, foreigners make up 11.2 percent of the country’s population, yet commit a whopping 89.7 percent of crimes involving exploitation of prostitution, 55.8 percent of cases involving sexual violence, 52.8 percent of robberies, 52.4 percent of thefts, and 43.6 percent of malicious injury cases, writes Giuseppe Valditara for Italy’s Liberto newspaper.

The data does not include crimes committed by second-generation Italians.

In other words, Italians born to immigrant parents are not listed as “foreigners” and are instead seen as Italian citizens.


The data helps dispel the notion that immigrants have higher crime rates simply because they are mostly made up of young males. The data here simply compares crime rates between foreigners and natives who are from the same age groups, and it shows that foreigners account for a massively disproportionate share of the overall crime rate.

ISTAT also shows that the share of crime committed by foreigners has steadily increased in the last few decades. In 1990, foreigners represented 2.5 percent of those accused of crimes while in 2009, foreigners represented 24 percent of those accused of a crime. This troubling statistic has only grown worse over the years.


The data is especially troubling in light of recent cases, such as when 2,000 migrant teens descended on lakeside towns near Lake Garda last month and proceeded to riot, assault police, and rob people of their belongings. More ominously, six teenage girls were sexually assaulted on a train on their way home from the area by approximately 30 migrant youths, with the incident sparking outrage in Italy and an investigation in parliament.

Although the data does show some silver linings. For example, the immigrant group between 45 and 54 make up 11.8 percent of the population, but they commit only 16.7 percent of crimes. Researchers believe that their age and greater integration into Italian society accounts for the lower crime rate; in my opinion, another potential risk has not been considered during this survey. According to my own research, a large proportion of Muslim migrants in Italy, within the age range of 45-65 are becoming increasingly radicalized and spreading seeds of radical Islam and even jihadism within the society. Hundreds of Muslim migrants in Italy also are engaged in luring non-Muslim Italian males and females into love trap and forcing them towards religious conversion through emotional blackmailing by making them victims of love trap. Muslim migrants also are enforcing sharia law within their families and societies while they are actively involving in preaching Islam targeting non-Muslim population under direct patronization of Jamaat-e-Islami and Tablighi Jamaat. Mosques and Islamic centers in Italy are gradually becoming epicenters of religious conversion and jihadist factories.


Islamist terror in Europe

In June 2022, a dangerous wave of hypodermic needle attacks has gripped several European cities, including France and parts of the United Kingdom, with over 300 victims in France alone reportedly suffering strange illnesses and side effects after being punctured by needles inside clubs, bars and nightclubs. Majority of the victims are females.

Since the beginning of April, unexplained hypodermic needle injections have plagued young people in nightclubs, bars, and festivals throughout France, with complaints lodged in Lille, Béziers, Nantes, Rennes, and Strasbourg, as well as in Grenoble, Nancy, Lyon, Besançon, Valence, and Toulouse.


Most of the victims have been women who show visible signs of an injection site, along with symptoms of feeling groggy, dizzy, or fatigued. The Associated Press, which ran the story on June 2, 2022, indicated that despite multiple investigations going on across Europe, no suspects have been arrested, no motive has been ascertained, and no needles used in the attacks have been recovered.

Although it remains unclear if suspects are injecting people with a substance or a disease, but governments in all the countries involved have issued warnings and are actively investigating the cases. Some concerts have even been interrupted mid-performance due to audience members reporting being pricked by a syringe; in my opinion, these Muslim attackers are infecting the victims with HIV virus. For more than two decades, I have been warning about risk of such new pattern of jihadist attacks targeting Western countries, as well as countries such as China, Russia, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar etcetera.

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