Biden handlers secretly beg establishment media to hide his unpopularity

It’s no wonder that Old Joe Biden’s handlers are “secretly begging” the establishment media, which for years has been little more than a Democrat Party press agency, for favorable coverage: if a new poll is any indication, even Biden’s own base is turning against the faux-president, and his cackling heir apparent is polling even worse. Writes Robert Spencer

A new poll has an embarrassing 22% of Americans and 37% of Democrats wanting Biden to run again in 2024, assuming he is still about as much with us by then as he is now; meanwhile, a humiliating 12% (and 16% of Democrats) want Kamala Harris to be the Democrats’ standard-bearer in the next presidential election. That’s right: this poll is enough to restore one’s faith in the American people.

These are shockingly abysmal numbers. On Tuesday, a Wall Street Journal poll had Old Joe enjoying an approval rating at 41%, which is bad enough, but 22% is a whole new level of misery. And with Harris at only 12%, it’s clear that Americans are bracing themselves for a Harris administration that is likely to make Old Joe look as if his unctuous visage should be carved onto Mount Rushmore. The poll was conducted by I&I/TIPP, which was largely accurate in its predictions of the 2020 presidential election.

“It’s undeniable,” said Erin O’Brien, an associate professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts Boston, displaying an admirable talent for understatement. “Joe Biden is hurting in the polls right now and it’s due to a number of factors.”

Well, yeah, you could say that there are a number of factors that explain why Americans are fleeing from the Biden administration circus in droves, hunkering down and hoping that it doesn’t get too much worse before all this is over. There is his abysmal handling of the ongoing COVID crisis, featuring a sinister creeping authoritarianism and endless goalposts-moving, from one vaccine shot to two to three plus boosters, and ill-considered vaccine mandates that have had one positive effect: they’ve awakened millions of Americans to how seriously our freedoms are threatened today.

Then there is the galloping inflation rate, including the skyrocketing gas prices about which Biden and his establishment media sycophants have been relentlessly gaslighting the American people. Foreign policy, meanwhile, has been little better, with Biden’s woke military conducting a catastrophically botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, followed by the admission of tens of thousands of Afghan refugees into the United States without vetting them at all. The almost certain presence of jihadis among them will make the Biden administration a gift that will keep on giving to Americans for years to come.

The poll asked respondents: “Who do you want to see run for president on the Democratic ticket in 2024?” The only good news for Biden and Harris is that no one else gained any significant amount of support either.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who went home and played Mr. Mom while the supply-chain crisis that currently plagues us was developing, but has nevertheless been touted as a possible rival to Harris in 2024, got only 4%.

In a nightmare scenario, I&I/TIPP included Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Gulag Archipelago) in the poll. After all, she will turn 35, the Constitution’s minimum age to be president of the United States, just weeks before the 2024 election. But the Socialist wunderkind garnered only 3%, along with other long shots such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Wounded Knee), and Stacey Abrams, who apparently wants to skip from pretending to be governor of Georgia to imitating Joe Biden by pretending to be president of the United States. 2024, of course, may be too early for Ocasio-Cortez, but who knows? Within a few years after that, she could become the first female General Secretary of the U.S. Politburo.

And 31% of the respondents didn’t pick any of the candidates at all, preferring to state that they were “unsure,” which I&I/TIPP said was “a likely sign that for many it’s still too early to form strong opinions about 2024.” It’s also a likely sign that Americans realize that the Democrat field is appallingly weak and aren’t taken with any of this rogue’s gallery of political hacks and psychopaths they’re offering for the highest office in the land.

“The worst kept secret in Washington, DC,” Stephen L. Miller noted a few weeks ago, “is that Joe Biden is a one-term president — whether he knows it or not.” It’s almost as poorly kept a secret as the likelihood that Old Joe Biden doesn’t really know anything for sure at this point. But whether he knows it or not, clearly he and his henchmen are on the way out. The only open question is how much of our free and powerful nation will be left once his handlers have completed their dirty work.

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