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Golden Bangladesh under the magnanimous leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina


Golden Bangladesh under the magnanimous leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Golden Bangladesh under the magnanimous leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina well deserves international appreciation and accolades not only for her resounding victory in the December 30th general elections but for her dedication and commitment in transforming Bangladesh into an economically strong nation with infinite possibilities. After China, Bangladesh now stands as the most attractive destination of the foreign investors.

Foreign investment:

During past ten years, Sheikh Hasina has concentrated in drastic improvement of country’s infrastructure as well she also has setup several exclusive economic zones for the foreign investors. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, procedures for foreign investments have been simplified and it is expected, during next five years, Bangladesh will receive billions of dollars as foreign investment.

Silicon Valley in Bangladesh:

According to information, several tech-giants already are establishing factories in the country. Under such circumstance, Sheikh Hasina may consider establishing a Silicon Valley in greater Faridpur district similar to that of Israeli Silicon Valley in Beer Sheva. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s son, Sajeeb Wazed Joy can play important role in overseeing the Bangladesh Silicon Valley project. Mr. Joy is an Information Technology specialist. He attended prestigious Harvard University in the United States. He has praiseworthy contributions towards ‘Digital Bangladesh’ initiative of the government.

Sheikh Hasina’s landslide victory during December 30th general election has already turned into a matter of relief and blessings to the people of Bangladesh as it is well expected that the country will prosper further under her leadership. Hasina is portrayed as the Mahathir Mohamad of Bangladesh.

Accolades from the international community:

Meanwhile, accolades continued to shower upon Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on her party Awami League’s landslide victory in the national election. Hasina led her party to a thumping victory in Sunday’s polls, in which the AL-led grand alliance secured 288 out of the 300 seats.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has extended his heartiest congratulation to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, her party Awami League and the people of Bangladesh on her party’s landslide victory in the December 30th general election. Earlier, United States, United Kingdom, China, India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and many other countries have sent congratulatory messages to Sheikh Hasina and renewed their commitment of working with Bangladesh.

After China, Bangladesh now is the only country in Asia, where foreign investors can get full assurances of political stability and rule of law. Such atmosphere is definitely favorable to foreign investments. The pace of Bangladesh’s economic progress clearly indicates, the country is moving fast towards tremendous prosperity within the span of next 10 years. To ensure this pace, people of Bangladesh need to ensure, Sheikh Hasina remains in power for another ten years, so that she can successfully implement her vision of transforming Bangladesh into a wealthy and powerful nation.

Necessity of a strong security agency:

While Sheikh Hasina is putting full emphasis on the socio-economic sectors in Bangladesh, she also needs to further strengthen the armed forces of the country. Sophisticated defence hardware should be procured for the Bangladesh Armed Forces to ensure country’s sovereignty against any threat. At the same time, Bangladesh now needs to have a security agency up to the level of any of the top-ranking security agencies in the world. Because, to ensure stability of the country and defuse any possible threat posed by the enemy nations; a mighty security agency is now a necessity of time for Bangladesh. In this case, Bangladesh has to abandon the old-patterned policies of keeping the security agency totally dependent of budget allocated by the government. Instead, a Bangladeshi security agency should have its own income-generating projects in the country and abroad, which would help the agency in attaining self-sufficiency. Unless a security agency emerges with such strength and capacities, it would be difficult for Bangladesh to ensure political stability and peace in the country.

Role of media:

Media always play crucial role in brightening the image of any country. At the same time, media can cause devastation too. Being a fastest growing economy, Bangladesh essentially needs some media strength which can effectively project Bangladesh to the world in a positive way. Unfortunately, until now, there is no such effective media in the country, which enjoys credibility amongst the foreign nations. Most of the so-called mainstream media or more precisely English press in Bangladesh is critical to the government. At the same time, several pro-establishment English presses are either extremely minor or remain unknown to the international community. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina needs to realize, those pro-establishment sycophant media can hardly bring anything good to her government or the country, because those media does not enjoy credibility or even the capacity of drawing attention of the international community.

Putting more emphasis on economy:

Under the changed global scenario, every country in the world is now putting priorities to economic diplomacy. Bangladesh missions around the world need to cope with that trend and play important role in drawing foreign investments as well attracting tourists. Exclusive tourism zones can be set up in Cox’s Bazar and St Martin Island. Especially, St Martin can be transformed into an exclusive tourism island by going into drastic modernization and infrastructural development. Various types of amenities such as bar, casino, motel, hotel, golf course etc can be set up in the island, which would only be accessible to the foreign tourists. In this case, the ministry concerned needs appropriate manpower with expertise. Once such plans can be implemented, Bangladesh can earn billions of dollars only from the St Martin Island.

Developing human resources:

Bangladesh needs to transform its huge population into human resources by immediately taking multiple measures of vocational training as well as inviting prestigious foreign universities in opening their Bangladesh campuses. At the same time, the government needs to include materials in the school text books with the goal of creating negative impression in the minds of the children about radical Islam and militancy. Educating children towards denouncing radical Islam and militancy is essential.

Opposition political parties:

Unfortunately, it is well anticipated that mainstream parties like Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has been engaged into politics of destruction for years. Even after being rejected by the people during the December 30th general elections, BNP is planning of newer offensives on the government. As part of this conspiracy, BNP and its political partner Jamaat E Islami may turn further aggressive and try to mislead the international community with its false propaganda. It is known; enemies of Bangladesh would gladly invest any such efforts of BNP-Jamaat nexus and may even hire more lobbyists in the Western nations. Due to such activities, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her party may face series of unwarranted challenges in the coming days. Patriotic people of Bangladesh  should remain vigilant against any such conspiracy.

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