Joe Biden will scrap Trump’s America First policy

Robert Spencer

A Biden/Harris presidency would be a discarding of Trump’s America-First foreign policy (which is not in the least isolationist, as CNN claims — witness the brokering of Israel’s peace deals) and a return to the status quo ante of internationalism, interventionism, enabling of jihad, and managed decline.

“How Biden plans to undo Trump’s ‘America First’ foreign policy and return US to world stage,” by Kylie Atwood and Nicole Gaouette, CNN, October 31, 2020:


Early in his campaign Biden said he would rejoin the Iran nuclear deal if Iran starts complying with the pact, a move that advisers say will require close work with allies and a near immediate start of new negotiations.

“If Tehran returns to compliance with the deal, I would re-join the agreement and work with our allies to strengthen and extend it, while more effectively pushing back against Iran’s other destabilizing activities,” Biden said during a foreign policy speech last year….

This disastrous deal only paved the way for Iran to get nuclear weapons, as it allowed for the mullahs to inspect their own nuclear sites under some circumstances, and contained no restrictions at all after a ten-year period. So the U.S. rejoining the deal would be a massive boost for the Islamic Republic.


Biden’s advisers say he wants to wind down military commitments in Afghanistan and continue to support intra-Afghan negotiations, but don’t offer details on how he will do that. That’s partially because it’s not clear exactly what sort of situation they’ll inherit, they say…

Nothing is said here about actually withdrawing American troops, which may indicate that a Biden administration would prolong that pointless and endless war.


In a stark contrast to the Trump administration, Biden would end support for the Saudi Arabia-led intervention in Yemen, which many in Congress oppose because of reports of ongoing and serious human rights violations. There has been a major push from the progressive arm of the Democratic Party for Biden to adopt this policy….

This would aid Iran’s proxy war against the Saudis, waged in Yemen by means of the Shi’ite Houthis, and aid the Islamic Republic’s overall goal of expanding its influence in the Middle East and worldwide.

Israel and the Palestinians

Biden aides signal some shifts from Trump’s approach. The President has made some controversial moves to favor Israel — including moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and declaring the city to be Israel’s capital, but these steps will be hard to reverse.

Biden has said he will not move the US embassy back to Tel Aviv, but that he will restore engagement with Palestinians that Trump has cut off, will reopen the US consulate in East Jerusalem that was meant to serve the Palestinian population, restore assistance to Palestinians and the United Nations agency that supports them and help reopen the Palestinian Liberation Organization mission in the US, which was shut down by Trump.

“Biden is a strong supporter of the state of Israel and assistance to it and always has been. But he also believes in a two-state solution in dealing with Palestinians and not taking measures that make it harder to get to a two-state solution,” McKeon said.

In other words, it will be back to Obama’s coddling of the “Palestinians” and enabling of their jihad.

Rebuilding the State Department

Biden has committed to rebuilding the diplomatic corps of the State Department.

Obama said that Trump has “systematically tried to decimate our entire foreign policy infrastructure,” during an interview earlier this month.

If only!

He added that Biden would rely on the expertise of career diplomats and rebuild the State Department….

There’s your problem right there.

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