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Majority of American voters lack confidence in Kamala Harris

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Majority of American voters lack confidence in Kamala Harris

Majority of American voters are “not very confident or not confident at all” of qualifications of Kamala Harris to be president – based on her performance, or lack thereof, as vice president

Polls have revealed that Kamala Harris is vastly unpopular as a vice president.

A recent report in the Hill warned her “tactical missteps” were dragging down her approval rating.

And one Democrat strategist warned, “I think she has the potential of doing more harm than good” in coming elections.

That bad news for Democrats came just days after Convention of States Action, which worked with the Trafalgar Group, found 63.6 percent of American voters are “not very confident or not confident at all” of her qualifications to be president – based on her performance, or lack thereof, as vice president.

Now a number of legacy media outlets are blasting her performance.

Dan McLaughlin of National Review released a commentary in the New York Post bluntly assessing: “Kamala Harris isn’t very good at this. The vice president has never won an election on her own outside of the hothouse of California politics, and it shows.”

He notes she “flopped out” of the presidential race after she “flip-flopped on health issues and couldn’t take a punch from Tulsi Gabbard.” She was polling at the time in the very low single digits.

And Biden was “backed into” putting her on the ticket because of her qualifications – being black and female.

“Harris’ judgment is terrible. During the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, she was one of the senators pushing Michael Avenatti’s lurid and swiftly discredited gang-rape yarn, which backfired on Dems,” he explained. “Polls regularly show that more voters disapprove of Harris than approve of her.”

“Besides being bad at politics, she is bad at governing. In California, she pushed a policy to force nonprofit groups to turn over their donor lists to the state. She mishandled it so badly that the Supreme Court ruled against her after a vast array of her own political allies filed briefs saying that her policy had violated their First Amendment rights. Even the Biden administration’s legal brief threw her under the bus,” he noted.

His conclusion? “Everything Harris has touched in the vice presidency has been a fiasco. … Democrats in 2024 may have a Joe Biden problem. Biden has visibly slowed already, and he will be 82 by then. But they might prefer that to having a Kamala Harris problem on top of the ticket. We should all hope for Biden’s good health in the meantime.”

Additionally, the Washington Post’s editorial board said Harris has proposed five “pillars” to address the immigration problem, but “What is mostly missing from the sweeping rhetoric and broad-strokes analysis is an actual plan for action.”

“Ms. Harris and administration officials have also described short-term steps designed to get a handle on deterring the current tsunami of migrants and asylum seekers at the border. But the convoluted messaging — telling migrants not to seek entry to the United States while at the same time relaxing or scrapping an array of measures that would actually dissuade them, and providing relief to migrants on both sides of the border — has been a failure.”

That, the board explained, “is measurable, and it is politically toxic.”

Polling aggregator RealClearPolitics recently reported, too, that her unfavorable rating of 46% means she has her “work cut out for her” if her intention is to succeed Biden in 2024 or 2028.

“Harris may be Biden’s heir apparent, but her unfavorable ratings, even among Biden supporters, are high for a politician hoping to move from Number One Observatory Circle to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.,” the report said.

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