US midterm: A blue wave means crime and open borders – A red wave means safety and strength


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In August, President Donald Trump tweeted that “a Blue Wave means Crime and Open Borders. A Red Wave means Safety and Strength!”

Like 2016 presidential election, pollsters are back again with their predictions! In his new book titled Where Did You Get That Number, Anthony Salvanto, head of polling at CBS News wrote about how he applied lessons from the 2016 presidential election to make his dire prediction for Democrats. He wrote, an apparent “blue wave” of Democrats being voted into House and Senate seats during the 2018 midterms elections allowing them to retake control of Congress from the Republicans is unlikely.

On 6th November, Americans will vote on all 435 seats in the House of Representatives [Congress]. In the Senate, they will vote in just 35 of the 100 seats. Let’s remember, Senators serve six-year terms.

Currently, Republicans control both levers of powers in Congress. The Democrats have 193 seats to Republicans’ 236 with six vacancies.

At the state level, 39 state and territorial governorships will be up for grabs.

The Democrats will need a net gain of roughly 25 seats to win a 218-member majority in the Congress. Winning the Senate will be a much more difficult task for Democrats. The GOP hold 51 of the 100 seats, but the Senate races will be especially tough for the Democrats who are defending 26 of the 35 seats being contested.

Republicans have a 66 per cent chance of winning the Senate, according to FiveThirtyEight. The odds for Republicans are also in their favour as 10 of the 26 incumbent Democrats are in states President Donald Trump won in 2016.

Pollsters witnessed grand flop during 2016 presidential election. But they seem to be unwilling in stopping this habit of misleading the people. Here are some of the recent pollster forecasts on the November midterm election:

Couple of weeks back, Washington Post/ABC poll said, Democrats and Democratic-leaning independent voters are more enthusiastic about voting in this midterm election than Republican and Republican-leaning independent voters.

Donald Trump has long predicted a “red wave” of Republican victories and warned that any GOP losses could threaten public safety and weaken the nation’s borders.

President Trump and Republicans will campaign on the booming economy, which added about 200,000 new jobs in August and saw the unemployment rate drop to an 18-year low. For the first time, American economy is extremely strong. This certainly is a huge contribution of President Trump. He has been dedicatedly working since taking oath. Many economists say, ouster of Donald Trump from presidency is extremely required by the enemies of the United States, and for this reason, Hillary and Democrats will enjoy special patronization from those nations, which consider US as their key enemy.

It said, Democrats have a 6-point advantage over Republicans in key competitive districts considered a toss-up, and Republicans only have a 2-point lead in districts that lean conservative, an early September Morning Consult generic ballot poll found. The nonpartisan Cook Political Report currently considers 37 congressional districts as toss-ups this November. Democrats need to gain 23 seats to take back control of the House.

In a later poll report, NBC News/WSJ said, Republican enthusiasm about the upcoming election has increased, drawing ‘nearly even’ with the Democrats; that GOP attacks on immigration and Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi are potent in individual races; and that nearly 70 percent of voters are satisfied with the economy.

According to Los Angeles Times, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s presence in the midterm election campaign are annoying a larger proportion of the Democratic voters. The reason is – Obama is clearly inclined towards radical Islam and responsible for a disgusting economy and jobs during his 8-year’s tenure. Obama failed doing anything good for the Americans save his blank promises and politically charges lectures. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is the most unpopular individual amongst the Democratic voters – especially young and female voters. She is known as a traitor for her email controversy as well as financial scams such as receiving donations for the family charity when she was holding the position of the Secretary of State and her granting appointment to wealthy people in exchange of hefty amount of cash. There is not much argument in the helm of the Democrats about Hillary’s rotten personal image. She currently is the most unpopular and hated politician in the United States.

People are getting frequently misled due to pro-liberal propaganda machine such as biased and motivated pollsters as well as hostile media. United States possibly is the only country in the world, where media are playing the role of political platforms and are desperately trying to unseat the president. But something people most possible are not realizing – these pollster and media are causing tremendous damage to country’s constitutional positions and at one point; people in the world may frequently question the very integrity of the American democracy.

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