US Senate and Congress divided into 3 blocs

US Senate and Congress no more is under the absolute control of patriotic Americans. There are now three different blocs, socialists, Islamists and patriots. are controlling the present and future of the American people. But unfortunately, American patriots are gradually becoming minor voice both in the Senate and the Congress, with socialists and Islamists gaining strength and prominence. And the most favorable news for the socialists and Islamists is – those sitting in the White House are ready to be sold. They are almost political prostitutes, starting from the post of the president to many influential figures in the administration, who are willing to kiss asses of socialists and Islamists just in exchange for cash. Sitting in the White House, son of the most powerful president of the world is taking preparations of collecting bribes for his daddy under the pretense of selling artworks. And the entire administration is working in giving legitimacy to such immoral and illegal acts. This is certainly the beginning of the ruin of a nation. But who cares! Americans are rather feeling entertained in witnessing the current “Tom & Jerry” show between the patriots and socialist-Islamist nexus.

According to media reports, Democratic Party’s controversial congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), a self-described Democratic socialist blamed the United States for the hardships stalking in Cuba under its Communist regime. She lashed out at the United States over the embargo which has been in place since 1962.

The socialist darling said in a statement: “We also must name the U.S contribution to Cuban suffering: our sixty-year-old embargo. I outright reject the Biden administration’s defense of the embargo. It is never acceptable for us to use cruelty as a point of leverage against everyday people”.

But, one of AOC’s colleague in the Democratic Party did not like her statement. Former Democratic Party congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell of Florida said, Ocasio-Cortex had it all wrong. She said” “No. “No. This is not correct. It’s the failed policies of a communist regime that has violated human rights, imprisoned and killed dissidents. Cuban people -young and old – are risking their lives to rise up, we must listen to them. This is a matter of national security. The US must act”.

“As we meet this historic moment of hope for a free Cuba, we do so with a clear recognition that the suffering endured by the Cuban people happened as a result of a failed communist doctrine and regime propped up by oppression & authoritarianism. This truth is key. #SOSCuba,” she tweeted.

Ocasio-Cortez’s shot at the United States put her in the same company with Black Lives Matter — which tweeted its support for Cuba and its opposition to the US embargo — and Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who also tweeted to trash the United States.

In an Op-Ed in National Review, Cruz — whose father fled Cuba in the 1950s — wrote that in the wake of Cuba’s protests, “America must respond. Over the past few days, the world has seen that the American people stand squarely with the men and women of Cuba and their noble fight for liberty.

While socialists have started confronting the United States in defense of authoritarian communist and socialist regimes, Islamist bloc in the US Senate and Congress are increasingly becoming louder and prominent in whipping America out of its decades of policy of confronting radical Islamic militancy. The recent withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan has already left the country under mercy of Taliban, Al Qaeda and jihadist players. President Joe Biden is pushing forward his agenda of granting new life to rogue regime in Iran by lifting sanctions. Similarly, Biden administration is doing everything possible on their part in standing in favor of Hamas and Palestinian terrorists.

We have seen the famous Frankenstein movie. Now the same elements are in power in the US. America’s future is at stake.

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