Who is the most hated politician in the United States today?

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Currently major sections of the American media clearly are engaged in misleading the nation. They are competing in publishing imaginary opinion articles and commentaries in projecting who is most popular politician in the United States today. In their view, former president Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are extremely popular. They also are projecting President Donald Trump as the most hated figure in the US while Democrats as the ‘saviors’ of America. The Atlantic in an op-ed titled ‘Do Trump’s core supporters even want the GOP to win the midterms’ said, ”It is not surprising that Trump’s most dedicated supporters are prone to believe what he says to be true or that doing so misleads them about reality—there has never been a more brazen or unabashed liar in the White House. Perhaps that is enough to explain the complacency that the RNC found.”

Conor Friedersdorf then wrote, But reflecting on my interviews and correspondence with strong Trump supporters during the 2016 election, it seems to me that a significant subset of them have reasons to be complacent about the 2018 midterms that are independent of the outcome that they expect in the contest. For that subset, placing so low a value on Republican victory that they stay home rather than bothering to cast ballots is a perfectly rational choice.

“Consider the Trump voters who strongly gravitated toward him in the 2016 primaries because they felt so alienated by the rest of the GOP establishment; or who voted for him in the general election due to his celebrity, or his status as a political outsider, or faith that he would “drain the swamp” of a corrupt, bipartisan, establishment elite, or confidence that he would be a good “dealmaker” once in Washington, or a desire to “shake things up,” or to stoke and then revel in chaos, or because of an unusually strong or visceral dislike of Hillary Clinton.

Yes, some of those voters now worry that a Democratic majority would seek impeachment, representing a threat to a president that they want in office.

“Still, if what you like most about the Trump presidency is watching him drive the media crazy; or reading his steady stream of combative tweets ostensibly “owning the libs”; or having a white man rather than a black man back in the White House; or seeing a president unapologetically attack Muslims, Mexicans, and NFL players; or following along to Sean Hannity’s sycophantic analysis of daily events; or believing that Trump is keeping North Korea or Iran in check? Well, all of that will continue regardless of the 2018 election.”

Now let me draw the attention of the readers to several points. First of all, let me make a point clear – we aren’t biased, fake or crook news outlet. We don’t have any prejudice or agenda of promoting or demoting anyone. We are amongst those very few newspapers in this insane world, which are run by ethics and realities. We aren’t gossip magazine or propaganda machine of lies and liars. People may ask – why in the world a Bangladeshi newspaper must ‘poke nose’ into American politics’. We do have answer to this question. America is the only super power in the world and president of that country is extremely important to every nation in the world. Nations like Bangladesh will be devastated if individuals like Hillary Clinton or socialists like Bernie Sanders ever ride into the position of the president of the US or at least become a decisive factor. Because, we have witnessed the rogue 8-years of Barack Hussein Obama, where he was clearly romancing with notorious nations like Iran or ferocious organizations like Hamas. No one may argue with me – it is Barack Hussein Obama and his political darling Hillary Clinton who are solely responsible for the rise of Islamic State (ISIS) and Boko Haram. If Barack Hussein Obama remained in the White House now, ISIS territory would have expanded beyond the Middle East and even would create a total anarchy in a large number of the nations in the world. Should Hillary Clinton become the president of the United States in 2016, American economy would have turned much worse than the 8-year rule of Obama and the digit of unemployment would have further increased. What Americans are seeing now – their economy reaching a record growth in many decades and unemployment decreasing fast, would have been just reverse if any of the Democrat-nominated ‘players’ would become the president. But unfortunately, it seems to me – Americans want poverty – they want unemployment – and above all – they don’t want to remain as the mightiest nation in the world. They even want to step into the shoes of some European nations and welcome radical Islam to conquer and transform United States of America to Islamic States of America.

Please don’t get me wrong. If anyone will come out of his political bias and prejudice, s/he too will realize, what I have written might sound extremely bitter – but this is the cruelest truth.

Now let me touch bring an important point. When fake and crook media are projecting Donald Trump as the ‘most unpopular’ or ‘most hated’ president in the history of America, they feel shy telling their readers and audience – Hillary Clinton does not even have any credibility in her own territory – New York – wherefrom he intended to become a Senator. According to media reports, “There are 21 “Obama-Trump” districts in play in the 2018 midterms, and FiveThirtyEight’s breakdown of who’s leading in these competitive races shows Republicans could make gains in Minnesota and keep key seats in New York.”

Do we get what these comments say? It clearly indicates, Hillary Clinton does not have real acceptability in the New York, which again is the home of President Donald Trump. I believe, every patriotic American will love Donald Trump and they will not put America’s future at gamble by supporting Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Obama and the liberals. Because, from the past, especially with the recent past experience of the Obama rule, we all know, this man has precisely made all foul attempts of screwing America’s future and prospects. In my opinion – they are top enemies of the American democracy and constitution. They want to tear-off the very dignity of Abraham Lincoln’s great America.

Anti Trump news media say – “Still, if what you like most about the Trump presidency is watching him drive the media crazy; or reading his steady stream of combative tweets ostensibly “owning the libs”; or having a white man rather than a black man back in the White House; or seeing a president unapologetically attack Muslims, Mexicans, and NFL players; or following along to Sean Hannity’s sycophantic analysis of daily events; or believing that Trump is keeping North Korea or Iran in check? Well, all of that will continue regardless of the 2018 election.”

Look here to what opponents of President Trump are saying. They clearly want to place the interest of Muslim (including radical Islam), Mexicans (including illegal immigrants), Iran, North Korean and even enemies of peace like Palestinian terrorists and Hamas over the interests of American people. If the voters of the United States want to be ruled by radical Islam and illegal immigrants, if they want to be continuously threatened by Iran and the Palestinian terrorists, they definitely need to get President Donald Trump impeached and send Democrats back to the White House as soon as possible.

Controversial Rod Rosenstein resigning!

Most controversial Deputy Attorney General and recruiter of Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein has verbally resigned to Chief of Staff John Kelly. Rosenstein talked last year about the 25th Amendment and wearing a wire during President Trump meetings. The New York Times has already reported, Rosenstein had discussed removal of President Trump.

Bloomberg in a report said, “Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the official in charge of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, has verbally resigned to White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, according to one person familiar with the matter.

“The resignation was delivered to Kelly late last week, but it’s unclear whether Rosenstein is planning to follow through with a formal resignation, the person said. A second person said that Rosenstein isn’t expected to be in the job after Monday.”

President Trump can install a temporary replacement as deputy attorney general until he nominates a successor to Rosenstein who would have to be confirmed by the Senate.

However, the Justice Department has a line of succession that could let Solicitor General Noel Francisco assume control of the investigation.

As solicitor general, Francisco has staunchly defended Trump administration policies while pursuing long-held conservative legal goals.

He successfully defended Trump’s travel ban, drawing criticism for saying at argument that the president had “made crystal clear” he wasn’t trying to impose barring Muslims. Francisco later sent the court a letter saying he had misstated the date on which Trump supposedly made those comments.

Sensing the ulterior motive behind Robert Mueller’s witch hunt, Francisco has been totally silent about the Mueller probe, at least in public.

Rob Rosenstein’s abrupt decision of resigning indicates his foul intention in appointing Robert Mueller as the Special Counsel and bringing-in several Democrats in the Mueller team comes hours after Blitz has indicated, charges of sedition and high treason would be brought against the perpetrators of crime, who had caused wastage of millions of public dollars behind the unscrupulous and baseless investigation of Robert Mueller. It was also reported in Blitz, the charges may lead Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller and most of the members of this thuggish group ending up in prison for rest of their lives. I also have written an article in Blitz detailing irregularities, misappropriation of fund, wastage of mission of public dollars by Robert Mueller in active collaboration of Rod Rosenstein and his liberal cronies.

A source in the White House told Blitz, Rob Rosenstein’s abrupt and dubious resignation has not been accepted. Instead, he will be fired by Monday.

Americans will prove the media reports wrong – once again – as they have done during 2016 presidential election. For the interest of the people of the United States of America – for the sake of democracy – and above all, for the sake of defeating radical Islam, it is extremely important for Americans to ensure, Donald Trump remains in the office until 2024. After that, Americans will again decide – if they want worthless liberals to return to the White House, or keep them out of bound – indefinitely.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is a multi award winning anti militancy journalist and editor of Blitz.

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