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Israel’s technology companies join forces for the aviation industry

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Israel’s technology companies join forces for the aviation industry

Ministry of the economy, IAI and leading cyber companies announce consortium to develop cyber security solutions for commercial aviationr21

Israel’s ministry of economy and industry, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), CyberArk, Check Point, Cockpit Innovation, Karamba Security and ClearSky announced today a new cyber consortium for the aviation industry., the announcement was made today as part of the 5th International Conference of Homeland Security and Cyber, which is organized by Israel’s Export Institute. The new consortium includes long-standing Israeli companies, which are offering a broad range of aviation, security, intelligence and cyber solutions for the global market, alongside young startups with cutting edge cyber products and technologies. The consortium was established in order to offer comprehensive, end-to-end, cyber security solutions for the commercial aviation industry: airports, airlines and aircraft. Additional Israeli companies have already expressed their interest in joining the consortium.

The consortium will enhance and empower Israeli cyber companies’ capabilities and their access to the commercial aviation industry with support from Israel’s government. The consortium companies will work to develop an efficient integrated solution for airport authorities, airlines, airports and more. The synergy between the Consortium’s members and the government support will further solidify Israel’s status as a technology and innovation leader in cyber in general and in aviation cyber in particular.

Leveraging the unique cyber and aviation capabilities of each of its members, the consortium will promote the area and open it up for additional Israeli companies, using the economy of scale to open more doors in the global commercial aviation market. The success of the consortium members in winning contracts in the international market will contribute to production and development in Israel, will boost export, reinforce the startup companies and will create more development, manufacturing, support, marketing and business development jobs in Israel.

Shay Rinsky, director general of the Economy and Industry Ministry, said, “The Economy Ministry provides Israeli companies with an arsenal of tools to expand into international markets: commercial attaches, trade agreements and various capital tools. I am pleased to witness leading companies cooperate in offering a total cyber security solution for aviation while building on their respective strengths. I am confident we will reap the fruit of this collaboration with many large deals across the globe.”

Yigal Unna, Chief Executive Director of. New Cyber Technologies Unit Israel National Cyber Directorate, commented, “The Israel Cyber Consortium has identified a major need for solutions that will improve the cyber security of commercial aviation. We encourage investments by the Israeli cyber industry in innovation and collaborations. The consortium includes seasoned and upcoming companies, all of which are very capable in creating aviation security solutions.”

Nimrod Sheffer, CEO, IAI, said, “IAI is proud to lead the aviation consortium with CyberArk, Check Point, Cockpit Innovation (the corporate venture of El Al Israeli Airlines), Karamba Security and Clear Sky. As previously demonstrated by the cyber companies’ consortium, this model of shared work and collaboration increases the synergy, helps open up markets, win contract and reinforces Israel’s position as a global cyber leader. With this cooperation, the Israeli market will be able to propose optimized, end-to-end, solutions for aviation threats in the different fronts. As a local and global cyber and aerospace leader, IAI will continue to champion creative an innovative thinking. We thank the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade, the Israeli National Cyber Directorate, The Israeli Ministry of Defense and The Israeli Export Institute for their support. We look forward to working with our consortium partners on integrative, end to end, solutions to improve the cyber security of global commercial aviation.”

In the picture: from right to left-Paul Friedberg, Deputy Director of SIBAT, Shay Rinsky, director general of the Economy and Industry Ministry, Adiv Baruch, Chairman export institute, Yigal Unna, Chief Executive Director of. New Cyber Technologies Unit Israel National Cyber Directorate, Yoav Tourgeman, General manager and CEO ELTA Division, Estie Peshin, VP Cyber Division.
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