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Pressenza, an international news agency dedicated to news about peace and nonviolence with offices in Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bordeaux, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Florence, Lima, London, Madrid, Manila, Mar del Plata, Milan, Montreal, Munich, New York, Paris, Porto, Quito, Rome, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Turin, Valencia and Vienna has launched its new websites last week. With the slogan, “Journalism for peace and non-violence”, Pressenza’s new website has got design reordering the sections and giving more prominence to opinion, interviews and analysis, as well as video communication.

A press release of the news agency said: “After several months of voluntary work, our international press agency in 9 languages has been revamped with a new design. The change aims to adapt to contemporary communication needs by offering the reader more clarity, easier reading, more visible articles and recommendations on related topics.

“The pages gain in cleanliness, denoting a communicative transparency, improving clarity in the order of the sections and allowing the reader to distinguish and identify more clearly what he/she is reading. Maintaining the main themes that Pressenza has developed since its beginnings and that are part of its identity, highlighting among others peace and disarmament, human rights, education, politics, health, the environment, humanism and spirituality, etc, the website is reordered not only by these same themes but also by their expository formats or genres, be they news, interviews, opinion, video or podcast. Every news item will have an entry under the title describing the most important part of it, accompanied by its image.

“Cooperation with other partners will continue to be one of the essential themes of the agency, allowing us to weave a communicative mosaic where the diversity of opinion and point of view allows the reader to create their own opinion on world events”.

Pressenza, as a communications agency, is involved in offering a New Journalism of the 21st Century, based on non-violence in all social and human fields.

Pressenza is a space open to the expression of the social base. We endorse a universalist humanist perspective and actively promote cooperation agreements and partnerships with other agencies, as well as reciprocal links with portals, platforms, news and communications media of specific communities and cultures. Pressenza is part of an extensive network of new media that achieves global reach for local proposals while they are supplied information with the material provided by the agency.

Pressenza consists of volunteers with extensive experience in communication, social activism, cultural and academic fields. The agency is independent from any economic interest, the basic condition for its autonomy. We are columnists, reporters, photographers, graphic designers, videographers and translators on five continents who contribute its professional work without financial compensation.

First established in Milan, Italy, in 2009, Pressenza is legally registered as an international agency in Quito, Ecuador since 2014 (Memo # SNC-DAL-2014-0011-O # 037 Agreement of June 4th, 2014 of the National Ministry of Communications) and it is organized into decentralized teams and newsrooms. With a presence in 24 countries, we issue our daily news service in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Greek and Catalan.

Pressenza gives visibility to news, initiatives, proposals and scenarios related to Peace, Nonviolence, Disarmament, Human Rights and the fight against all forms of Discrimination. It places the human being as the central value and concern, and celebrate diversity. Thus, the news agency propose active and lucid journalism that respects these essential premises, aiming towards the resolution of crises and social conflicts in all latitudes.

In this sense, Pressenza disseminates research, analysis and actions that contribute to world peace and overcoming violence; prioritizing nuclear and conventional disarmament, peaceful resolution of conflicts, their prevention and withdrawal from occupied territories.

Pressenza also reports on all the facts and situations that cause pain and suffering in populations, attempting to comprehend and transform the causes of these events, going beyond being mere spectators. The agency also trains students and volunteers who converge in these principles.

Here is the list of the current team of Pressenza news agency:


Nelsy Lizarazo,


David Andersson, Ricardo Arias, Alicia Blanco, Pía Figueroa, Marianella Kloka,  Nelsy Lizarazo, Valerio Marinai, Anna Polo, Marilú Rojas and Olivier Turquet.



David Andersson, Tony Robinson, United Kingdom, London, Karina Santillan, Philippines, Manila.


Antonia Utrera, Spain, Barcelona, Esperanza Fernández, Spain, Barcelona, Esther Vazquez, Spain, Barcelona, Javier Belda, Spain, Barcelona, Pilar Paricio, Spain, Barcelona, Raquel Paricio, Spain, Barcelona.


Ricardo Arias, France, Paris, Didier Gay, France, Paris, Gabrielle Negrel, France, Marseille, Jean-Marc Dunet, France, Bordeaux, Olivier Flumian, France, Toulouse, Tatiana de Barelli, Belgique, Bruxelles.


Reto Thumiger, Germany, Berlin, Monica Freyer, Germany, Munich, Sabine Kroesen, Austria, Vienna, Evelyn Rottengatter, Germany, Munich, Marita Simon, Austria, Vienna


Marianella Kloka, Greece, Athens, Olga Pateraki, Greece, Athens, Vasiliki Mitsiniotou, Greece, Athens.


Lorenzo Molinari, Hungary, Budapest.


Olivier Turquet, Italy, Florence, Anna Polo, Italy, Milan, Dario Lo Scalzo, Italy, Rome, Domenico Musella, Chile, Santiago, Luca Cellini, Italy, Florence, Matilde Mirabella, Italy, Milan, Riccardo Marinai, Peru, Lima, Valerio Marinai, Italy, Milan.


Djamila Andrade, Mozambique, Maputo, Luis Filipe Guerra, Portugal, Porto.


Mariano Quiroga, Argentina, Buenos Aires, Alicia Blanco, Argentina, Mar del Plata, Antonia Utrera, Spain, Barcelona, Esperanza Fernández, Spain, Barcelona, Esther Vazquez, Spain, Barcelona, Fernando Torres, Peru, Lima, Francisco Ruiz-Tagle, Chile, Santiago, Gabriela Amaya, Spain, Madrid, Javier Belda, Spain, Barcelona, José Rivadeneyra, Peru, Huancayo, Juana Pérez Montero, Spain, Madrid, Luis Nisa, Spain, Valencia, Nelsy Lizarazo, Ecuador, Quito, Pía Figueroa, Chile, Santiago, Pilar Paricio, Spain, Barcelona, Raquel Paricio, Spain, Barcelona, Sasha Volkoff, Spain, Barcelona.

Photo Editor:

Iris Colil, Chile, Santiago.

Photographers and videographers

Dario Lo Scalzo, Italy, Rome, Raquel Paricio, Spain, Barcelona, Sidi Diarra, Belgium, Walker Vizcarra, Ecuador, Quito.

Public Relations:

Marilú Rojas, Fernando Suarez.

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