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Anupama: Malti Devi will drag Anupama out of the Gurukul, Samar will die! will come twist

Anupama Spoiler Alert: serial Anupama Aired on Star Plus from 2020 and has been at the forefront of TRPs since then. Makers are...

Anupama: After Maya, this villain will come in Anuj-Anupama’s life! Such a truth will be revealed, knowing which the audience will be shocked

Anupama Upcoming Twist: rupali ganguly serial Anupama (Anupama) This time again TRP is at number one in the race. The storyline of the...

Anupama Spoiler: Anuj’s silence breaks Anupama’s heart, Maya will play a dangerous trick again!

Anupam In the show Anupama, viewers are getting to see high voltage drama. Anuj and Anupama met, but he did not speak a word...