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    The Battlelines of the Israeli elections have been drawn

    By February 23, 2019

    Barry Shaw Benny Ganz and Yair Lapid came onto the stage together and announced the launch...

  • Oped

    Accusations about Israeli politicians stirring up hatred fall flat when compared to incitement that leads to horrific murders

    By February 13, 2019

    Jonathan S. Tobin It’s a familiar refrain. Critics of Israel aren’t content to merely bash the...

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    Anti-Israel Islamists fundraise off Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism

    By February 13, 2019

    IPT News Maybe Ilhan Omar had a point – it is all about the Benjamins baby. As the...

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    Ending foreign infringement on Israeli sovereignty

    By February 7, 2019

    Ari Kalker In 1997, Israel and the Palestinian Authority signed what became known as the Hebron...

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    Pakistan’s deals with Saudi Arabia and UAE are likely to spawn growing distrust in its relations with neighboring Iran

    By January 30, 2019

    Dr. James M. Dorsey Next month, Pakistani PM Imran Khan expects to sign a memorandum of understanding...

  • Leisure

    Lebanese filmmaker Nadine Labaki makes Oscar history

    By January 27, 2019

    Blitz Entertainment News Lebanese filmmaker Nadine Labaki has become the first female artist in the Arab...

  • Oped

    Growing trend of Arabization of the Indian Muslims

    By January 22, 2019

    India Foundation Religion and religious practices often dictate lifestyles, choices and forms of representation. Clearly, all...

  • Oped

    Women’s March leadership appears to have no particular interest in the independent women’s liberation movements

    By January 19, 2019

    Prof. Phyllis Chesler I have been marching for women’s rights for a long, long time —...

  • Oped

    Recent protests in Iran join a long history of what today would be known as activism

    By January 18, 2019

    Miriam Levy-Haim The turning point that allowed Iranian Jews to take a more visible role in...

  • World

    Arab and Muslim nation’s growing warm relations with Israel

    By January 3, 2019

    Daniel Pipes As Arabs and Muslims warm to Israel, the left grows colder. These shifts imply...

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