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Gangster Aman Sahu

Henchmen of criminal Aman Sahu shot ATS DSP and Inspector of Ramgarh, admitted in Medica

Ranchi / Patratu : The criminals of the jailed gangster Aman Sahu gang opened fire on the team of Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) and Ramgarh...

Jharkhand: Gangster Aman Sahu, running extortion business from jail, demanded crores of rupees from Ritvik company

Gangster Aman Sahu is running extortion business from jail itself. On not paying extortion money, he hatches a conspiracy from the jail itself...

Jharkhand: Gangster Aman Sahu demanded five crore rupees from the company’s officer by calling from jail itself.

Ranchi, Pranav: Gangsters and criminals openly demand extortion even after being lodged in the Birsa Munda Central Jail in Ranchi. This has been...