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  • Economy

    Ukrainian food products conquering world markets

    By May 31, 2019

    Elizaveta Doronzeva Last year, Ukrainian producers exported agrarian products worth a record $19 billion. And although...

  • News

    British MI5 warns that jihad terror remains the “most acute threat to the British people”

    By May 6, 2019

    Christine Douglas-Williams “Radical Islamic terrorism remains the most acute security threat to the United Kingdom, according...

  • News

    Clinton Official pleads guilty to conspiracy charges

    By April 28, 2019

    Kelli Ballard A former State Department employee, who worked under both Bill and Hillary Clinton, pleaded...

  • News

    Support for Palestinians is a Euphemism for Antisemitism

    By March 15, 2019

    Peter Baum In his book Myths of the Middle East, Arab  essayist and historian Joseph Farah ...

  • Oped

    The homophobic, racist and sexist insults and intimidation

    By February 1, 2019

    Karen Lehrman Bloch Watching the new documentary “Jihadists” right after the Covington Affair, where the media...

  • Oped

    Iraq is simply the next in line of Israel’s Arab neighbors who has little to no intention of making peace a reality

    By February 1, 2019

    Dr. Edy Cohen On January 6, the Israeli Foreign Ministry released an Arabic-language statement revealing that...

  • World

    Security forces shut down broadcaster’s office in Iraqi Kurdistan

    By January 29, 2019

    News Desk The Committee to Protect Journalists today condemned the closure by Kurdish security forces of...

  • Oped

    The danger of a widening Iranian corridor through Syria

    By December 25, 2018

    Yaakov Lappin The surprise announcement by US President Donald Trump to pull American forces out of...

  • Counterterrorism

    Denmark sending foreign criminals to tiny island

    By December 22, 2018

    News Desk Denmark’s government has approved a plan to send 100 foreign criminals, who have completed...

  • News

    Iraq’s religious, political establishment is failing to protect women’s lives, ensure public safety

    By November 29, 2018

    News Desk In the recent months, there have been a number of murders and suspected murders...

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