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Khagaria: Kishore disappeared after a dispute with liquor traders, accused of killing and throwing the dead body into the Kosi river

In Khagaria, a case of abducting a teenager, killing him and making the body disappear has come to light. The relatives have named...

Bihar: Drug peddler overpowered police in Khagaria, policemen retreated while firing amid stone pelting

Police is being continuously targeted in Khagaria. Once again the police was attacked. Stones were started at the police who went to...

Bihar: RJD leader shot dead in Khagaria, attack happened in 2021 as well, anger erupted among villagers

RJD leader Saket Singh Guddu, son of Pasraha Panchayat head Sushila Sampat, was shot dead by criminals in Khagaria, Bihar. A laborer has...