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    Hizbullah being banned in the United Kingdom

    By February 26, 2019

    IPT News The British government revealed on Monday that it plans to outlaw Hizballah and designate the group...

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    A song about burning Jews was publicly sung by soccer fans in the streets of a Dutch provincial capital

    By February 24, 2019

    Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld Antisemitism pervades soccer in the Netherlands.  Chants like “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the...

  • Oped

    The Netherlands and the Jews

    By January 21, 2019

    Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld The Netherlands’ attitude towards the Jews reveals Dutch society to be profoundly hypocritical....

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    ‘Only reason you’re here is because Germans forgot to gas you’ – Dutch students to teacher

    By December 1, 2018

    Uri Roodrigues Garcia A new poll conducted in the Netherlands finds most of the country’s Jews...

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    The case of Asiya Bibi, her lawyer and beyond

    By November 10, 2018

    Mahboob Ar Rahman Netherlands has already accepted the asylum application of Pakistani Christian day-laborer Asiya Bibi...

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