Investigating Dan Settgast, a scam grand master

Law enforcement agencies in the EU nations, including the Europol should immediately begin investigation against Dan Settgast and his cohorts

Fake crypto YEM coin steals sign of Japanese Yen

Despite the fact that forging signs of any international currency is a serious criminal offense, a fraudulent gang named ‘Bank Bene Merenti’, run under...

Kamil Grund, a grand fraud heads ‘EcoShumi Foundation’ scam gang

Recently, internationally known scammer Jorge Sebastiao (Jorge Sebastião) aka Nuno Jorge Da Cruz Sebastiao has a grand scamming venture named ‘EcoShumi Foundation’(Web Archive Link),...

Gang of scam Dracula lands in Dubai

On September 13, 2022, Jorge Sebastiao has launched another fraudulent entity named ‘EcoShuMi Foundation’, which is believed to be a massive fraudulent preparations eyeing on the ‘Dubai Metaverse Assembly’

Fraudulent webinar of grand crypto scam cartels

While millions of people from around the world are already scammed by various scam cartels which are selling fake crypto and so-called rainbowcurrency, on...

Most wanted fugitive ‘crypto queen’ Ruja Ignatova of Onecoin scam

While YEM coin, a dangerous crypto scam is continuing to operate under the umbrella of a Nevada-registered non-profit named ‘YEM Foundation’, the Federal Bureau...