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Amazon company Alexa dies in May next year

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Amazon company Alexa dies in May next year

Alexa, a company owned by tech-giant Amazon will be dying on May 1, 2022 making an end of its twenty-five years of existence on the internet. During these years, Alexa helped hundreds and thousands of websites and news sites throughout the world in reaching and converting digital audience of its clients. But the company now has suddenly declared its end of existence without giving any reason. A large number of websites and news sites have been benefited from go-to resource for content research, competitive analysis, keyword research etcetera.

Meanwhile, on December 8, 2021 Alexa stopped offering new subscriptions.

On its website, Alexa describes itself stating:

“At Alexa, we focus exclusively on delivering the richest and most meaningful analytics tools for our customers. Our obsession is to empower customers through compelling and actionable insights that drive measurable results for their business. At Alexa, we believe strongly in substance over style, which means you can count on getting the exact insights you need without having to navigate through extraneous content to get the information you need right now”.

Although Alexa has been boasting of providing go-to resource for content research, competitive analysis, keyword research etcetera, tech experts said, this company actually has been providing false information about the strength of its clients, thus cheating millions of people, especially those in the public relations and marketing sector.

Experts said, Alexa has been exaggerating ranking and readership of a large number of its clients which had helped thousands of websites and news sites in deceiving people with false data. This company has providing such fraudulent services to many websites and news sites by artificially showing those client sites to be having lots of traffic and readers. But in reality, all of such figures and data shown on Alexa are false.

Tech experts said, to ascertain the size of readers of any website or news site, industry professionals now mostly depend on Google Analytics, which provides real time authentic information on the status of any website or news site. Moreover, Google Analytics shows detailed information on the source of traffic with exact numbers. They said, Alexa has lost its credibility years ago as it was already known to most of the industry insiders that the company actually was providing boosted or false information on the rank of its client websites or news sites.

While a large number of people were looking for status of any website and news site on Alexa, many were already also searching for the same on other website ranking sites, such as SimilarWeb, RankRanger, Ahrefs, Thehoth etcetera.

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