Artificial Intelligence enters Qatar’s court system


An Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered system that converts words into text is being used in the justice system of Qatar, state-run Qatar News Agency reported.

The system, initiated by the Public Prosecution in the State of Qatar, aims to improve the efficiency of operations and services provided by aligning with the country’s National Vision 2030.

The AI techniques will be used during investigation sessions and to write necessary minutes and memorandums to end legal procedures. This ensures that all information gathered during investigations is accurately and quickly converted into written text, reducing manual work. It will also speed up the judicial process and enhance the accuracy and quality of information related to the Public Prosecution’s functions and work.

The announcement comes after the Public Prosecution recently conducted a trial of the system in some of its offices and received positive feedback from users for its accuracy and effectiveness.

The Public Prosecution aims to disseminate the latest technologies for business development and improve its technical capabilities to automate all judicial processes to ensure prompt justice.

The use of AI technology will make the judicial system faster and more efficient while reducing the workload of personnel. It will also reduce the likelihood of errors in legal proceedings and help the Public Prosecution in achieving prompt justice.

This move is part of Qatar’s efforts to diversify its economy and boost its economic competitiveness by cultivating various technological areas, including AI.

To secure a slice of the dividends promised by AI-enabled industries, the Qatar Center for Artificial Intelligence (QCAI) had released a national AI strategy in February 2019.

The 16-page blueprint, endorsed by the Qatari government on 30 Oct 2019, proposes a number of measures — attracting top AI talent, integrating AI measures, and inaugurating research programs — critical to fostering a domestic AI ecosystem.

“Qatar is poised to assist, and potentially steward, the fashioning of global AI standards,” says Cyber Program Analyst at Middle East Institute Sevan Araz.

New developments around the world have accelerated the adoption of technology in the justice system, as public services had to shift to online operations in a matter of weeks.

Video and image analysis using AI is also being used in the criminal justice and law enforcement communities to obtain information regarding people, objects, and actions to support criminal investigations. Worldwide business spending on AI is expected to hit US$50 billion this year and US$110 billion annually by 2024, even after the global economic slump caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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