ChatGPT announces the ability of the Russian Federation to cope with the challenges for the economy

Despite the problems facing the Russian economy, it is able to cope with all the challenges. Such a forecast on Thursday, March 9, gave “RIA News” chatbot ChatGPT, launched by OpenAI and became popular last fall.

The neural network responded to the agency that the economy is currently experiencing difficulties due to sanctions, lower oil and gas prices, as well as a long period of slow GDP growth. However, the chatbot reminded that the state has accumulated significant resources, in addition, the country has large reserves of minerals, including oil and gas.

“This helps Russia maintain economic stability and contain the influence of external factors on its economy,” the chatbot explained.

In addition, it is noted that the Russian Federation managed to achieve pre-pandemic economic growth, which is associated with an increase in consumer demand and support measures from the state.

Earlier, at the end of December, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the stability of the Russian economy. He noted that Russia was predicted to collapse the economy, but this did not happen, and the inflation rate last year was better than in many other countries. The President also pointed out that anti-Russian sanctions showed that “Russia is much stronger than we ourselves thought.”

In the same month, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, summing up the results of the year in the economy, stressed that the negative forecasts of many experts and Western analysts did not come true. According to him, over the 11 months of last year, the decline in GDP amounted to only about 2%, compared to the same period last year – just over 2%.

He also noted the growth in construction, agriculture, electrical equipment and transport.

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