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Facebook goes under control of cyber jihadists

Hefazat-e-Islam, Mamunul Haque, Facebook


Facebook goes under control of cyber jihadists

Social media giant Facebook finally has gone under total control of thousands of members of the Cyber Jihad units of Hefazat-e-Islam and other Islamist and militancy outfits. According to latest information, members of the cyber jihad units of the radical Islamic militancy groups are not only countering almost every post on the Facebook that goes against radical Islam, jihad and Hefazat-e-Islam leaders, they also have been reporting social media IDs and posts of secularist individuals and organizations, while they also have established connections with those interns or freelancers of Facebook in Bangladesh and India, who are taking decision on ‘Community Standard’ violation of the Facebook contents. According to latest evidences, those Facebook interns and employees are labelling most of the posts against Hefazat-e-Islam leader Mamunul Haque or Islamist jihad as violation of community standard.

Bangladesh government should immediately look into the matter and notify Facebook authorities about pro-jihadist activities of a section of its employees, interns and freelance working force.

It may be mentioned here that, Facebook turned increasingly hostile since the 2020 US Presidential election, when it went into banning a sitting US president. Onwards Facebook became a top patron of fear-mongering ventures centering COVID as well as supporting the vaccine manufacturers and ensuring their monopoly by not letting others use the social media in promoting alternatives to vaccines.

Commenting on jihadists controlling Facebook contents from Bangladesh, an IT specialist said, this is a serious matter. During the pandemic, Facebook is suffering from workforce crisis, which compels this social media giant in suspending many of its services, including verification of the IDs of the users. At the same time, Facebook uses hired freelancers and interns from India and Bangladesh in taking care of ‘reports’ on the contents or IDs. During the recent weeks, Facebook’s behavior has become extremely suspicious as most of the anti-militancy and anti-jihadist posts on the social media are getting flagged as community standard violation.

The specialist further said, Facebook’s current workforce in South Asia must have been dominated by radicalized Muslims or even jihadists. It is essential for the media to immediately introduce a measure, where users who fall victims of falsely being accused or restricted for violating “Community Standard”, can bring the matter to the attention of the authorities concerned.

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