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How do technologies impact the event management sector?


How do technologies impact the event management sector?

Mariam Pagava

Everyone adapts easily to technologies especially to ones that make lives easier and more convenient. Event planners must follow the route of their customers and must be up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities in order not to disappoint their attendees.

Some studies have revealed that technology adoption in event management is capable of increasing attendance by 20 percent and productivity by 27 percent, as well as decreasing costs to at most 30 percent. Impressive isn’t it?

Speed, utility, and engagement are the main pillars that will determine the course of evolution of event technology and methodology with the following years.

The Trendies

Several years ago, you could never imagine doing something online, less than several years ago it was impossible to imagine that you could do everything via mobile phone online with this speed. Now, whenever we have something improve, we think that is the limit, here we come with even more improved connectivity speed.

Think of the 4G LTE speed, now multiply it by 1000, well well well, this is what we are going to have in our smartphones with the 5G technology being introduced.

With increasing implementation and relevance for augmented reality and virtual experience, this technology will be the biggest paradigm shift yet in event technology and automation.

We can finally use diagrams

With the increasing complexity of experiences, the necessity to map out these experiences increases as well. With tools like drag and drop diagramming, 3D walkthroughs, and seating software, planners and venues can map out experiences in detail. Most of the companies ask for renders in order to visualize the product they are going to have, for this the best way is to use the latest technologies and make it as easy as drawing with a pencil.

It saves the planners valuable time and provides clearer communication within the whole event crew.

Why renders? Well, it is always nice to have a general idea of what you will be doing or where you are going. By offering renders to your clients you can show them space or give them a small virtual tour. BY this your communication will be more personal and it might even seem that you are oriented on their comfort. For making renders and diagrams I can recommend several rendering software, that is recognized to be the best from their types. I can also tell you about my personal choice as well.

If you want to make your render interactive go for 3Delights, the cost is average but definitely worth trying, moreover, you can install it on your Mac on Windows and Linux as well. As for me, I have chosen Arnold. The price of the software is very much affordable and it complies with Mac, Linux, and Windows. The main features include real-time rendering, meaning that when you make changes during the rendering, they immediately affect the final look. This means that you have almost 100 percent control over the final look.

Mapping a whole new level

With projection mapping, you can create an augmented reality experience by turning existing walls and structures into 3D interactive displays. This tool allows event planners to incorporate transformational design elements into any space they seem fit. Projection mapping proves to be a cost-efficient and effective way to create optical illusions in nearly every location.

This technology gives you the chance to make something spectacular that will guarantee you a ton of free publicity on social media.

Mapping is very useful for the events when you really want to impress your visitors. Especially if you have a presentation of your new brand. You can take it a whole new level by making the space very interactive. What we used for the rebranding presentation of our company is, we chose one corner and made mapping illustration of 3D optical illusion. Basically, all of the guests could take pictures in the unlimited tunnel, with the changing colors and shapes. Afterward, we saw many shares and hashtags of our event on social media and actually many people were interested in it. What we used are Recap software and a projector. Even with the beginner developer, it is possible to make an impressive illustration and still get tons of likes and shares on social media channels.

Beacon but not pork

A similar tool to the already existing Radio-frequency, Beacon technology discreetly tracks attendee behavior and preferences, which can be used as an engagement tool to create personalized experiences for attendees and provides event insights for event planners.

Beacon devices equipped with Bluetooth low-energy signals can broadcast data to any mobile phone that supports Bluetooth connectivity.

VR and AR

This amazing technology is a real game-changer that could turn upside down the way we discuss, attend, and interact at an event.

Event planners who adopt it earlier will be the ones creating memorable events that people talk about with their friends and colleagues.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology give you the opportunity to create a unique experience for the attendees.

Having VR or AR can be as simple as giving out goggles and having interactive games or even having virtual tours to one of your venues or having virtual instructions to one of your products.

Keep it all Secure

Facial recognition feature will be a great benefit for planners from a security perspective. With increasing reports of security breaches at major events, people take this issue seriously. And it’s not just facial recognition. The capabilities also expand over to biometrics like fingerprint scanning for multiple-step verification purposes.

Although still in the stage of development, the technology has the potential to incorporate security into personalization by linking images to a person’s social media name, handle, or profile.


As the name suggests, these tools help in automation and hence optimize the steps involved in event planning by increasing efficiency by up to 30%.

As mobile technology remains a dominant trend – so will the event apps. For planners, this means being in touch with the attendees 24×7. Such apps provide all the information concerning an event such as schedule, speakers, registration, networking, and support. There are also apps integrated with chatbots that offer a higher level of support to the organizational team.

All of the mentioned above features of technologies will assist the event management sector for good. Planners, as well as the attendees, will benefit from it quite well. Though, it is very important not to forget about security which also needs to be increased with the development of technologies.

What can be done, is to save hundreds of dollars on promotion and sponsorship and instead use tricks which will get you a lot of visitors and customers. It is better to introduce new techniques and unique approaches using. Do not underestimate the technological benefit you can get!

Mariam Pagava is the Partnership Manager of

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